FIBRUM game – Party Pumper is going to PSVR this month!

Party Pumper was born in the vibrations of music. Our new game is a real essence of party and for party! Player’s goal is to entertain the audience with the help of rhythm from mixes of music samples. Combine them with dance movements and fun party gadgets action to interact with partygoers crowd from the stage to Pump better!

The main tool is an innovative DJ panel with a rich arsenal of bass, melodies, drums, chords and other beats that forms a great foundation to create unique track on a fly.

We are glad to announce that Party Pumper will join a PSVR family on June 25th!

“After a long way of bringing this bold concept to life, we are extremely excited to deliver VR players this truly one-of-a-kind experience. Party Pumper is our vision of todays true VR-gaming – vibrant, groovy and fun!” – Alexey Glebov, Game Director


  • Intuitive and captivating multitasker gameplay – it’s not only about rhythm, but also about fast and smart combination of actions
  • New track every session – great set of different music samples to use in different combinations
  • Real party atmosphere – crowd reacts to your DJ set and actions with their mood


  • Boost the party vibe level to earn a score
  • Play loops and oneshots to mix them to create a unique track
  • Catch the beat with your moves to succeed
  • Use various party gadgets (foam machine, fireworks etc) to create fun action around you
  • Don’t let the bad guys ruin your party

Party Pumper is available in Steam Early Access, HTC Viveport store and Oculus Store. Currently supporting Rift, Rift S, Vive, Valve Index and WMR.

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