Final Fantasy X x Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collaboration Content

SQUARE ENIX invites players to participate in a brand-new FINAL FANTASY X event in the mobile role-playing game FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. Starting today, players will have the chance to summon iconic FINAL FANTASY X units and collect their Vision Cards, claim special login bonuses to obtain a free Neo Vision (NV) unit of beloved Summoner Yuna, and much more.

New content for the event includes:

FINAL FANTASY X Units – During the collaboration campaign period, players have the chance to obtain units: New Guardian Tidus (NV) with a CG limit burst and Besaid Mage Lulu (NV) from featured summons. Additionally, players can obtain Vision Cards, “Not until the end… Always” by awakening New Guardian Tidus (NV) to EX+3 and “Storming Bevelle,” by awakening Besaid Mage Lulu (NV) to EX+1 and EX+3.

Ordained Odyssey Login Bonus – From today until October 5th, players can obtain a free Summoner Yuna (NV) and additional exciting rewards such as Summoner Yuna fragments, an NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket, up to 1/10 NV Summon Tickets x10, and more simply by logging into the game each day. Players who log in throughout the entire campaign period can redeem their rewards to obtain a total of three free NV units. Log in now to get Summoner Yuna right away!

FINAL FANTASY X Daily Free 10 Summon – Running until October 5th, players can participate in a daily free 10 summon, which is limited to once per day, and with an updated summon pool every week, they can obtain up to 420 free units total. Featured units are included in this daily free summon pool!

New Guardian Tidus Discounted Step-Up Summon – Players have until September 21st to perform this discounted summon and obtain one guaranteed NV unit on step 4.

FINAL FANTASY X Event: Channels of Absolution – Starting today until September 21st, players can complete the event quest and obtain event currency to exchange for exciting rewards and event-exclusive equipment, such as a Two-handed weapon Avenger (FFX) and players can also obtain recipe/material needed to upgrade Wakka’s STMR reward, World Champion (FFX).

FINAL FANTASY X Weapon Enhancement Box Summon – Starting today until September 28th, players who complete a number of special quests can obtain the FFX Weapon Enhancement Box Summon tickets. Using these summon tickets allows players the chance to obtain various useful items such as a copy of the Caladbolg (FFX) and Onion Knight (FFX), as well as the recipe/material required to further upgrade these weapons.

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