Final Fantasy XI Online December 2021 Update Details

Story Quest Update, Seasonal Events, and Holiday Bonus Campaigns Available throughout December.

SQUARE ENIX today released the December version update for FINAL FANTASY XI Online, which brings a wealth of content updates and seasonal campaigns just in time for the holidays. This month’s update not only brings the latest update to the ongoing story series—The Voracious Resurgence—but also adjustments related to the new ‘Master Level’ system, as well as the annual Starlight Celebration event.

The Voracious Resurgence’s Tale in the Far East Concludes this Month

The December version update features the following campaigns and in-game content additions:

Voracious Resurgence Update – This chapter of the story which takes players to the Far East draws to a close—find out what lies in store for the beastmen, Gessho, and Reikuu, and vanquish foes via Records of Eminence.

Updated Ambuscade Content – Moogles make their return for more action in Intense Ambuscade, while players can battle against evil weapons in Normal difficulty.

Starlight Celebration Seasonal Event – From Thursday, December 16, at 12:00 a.m. (PST) to Friday, December 31, at 6:59 a.m. (PST), players are invited to help the moogles of Vana’diel retrieve stolen presents from goblins who have filched some of their most prized items. Additionally, numerous minigames will be available for players to enjoy, with various prizes such as an emote, themed items, and more available as rewards.

Winter Bundle-Up Campaign – Beginning Monday, December 13 and through Tuesday, January 4 at 6:59 a.m. (PST), a new set of campaigns will be underway. Players can earn double to triple the normal amount of chain experience, capacity, and monstrosity experience. Alter egos will also see an increase to HP and MP, with player combat skills also increasing at a higher rate—the perfect opportunity to level up a new job or join in the adventure.
December Login Campaign – Players can receive various rewards by logging in each day and collecting points to exchange for prizes. December’s campaign features numerous items from past campaigns for players who may have missed out previously, including the Iron Giant mount, Cancrine Apron equipment, and Chemistry Set furnishing.

Updates to the New Advancement System: ‘Master Levels’ – Minor quality of life adjustments have been made to exemplar point acquisition.
Full details for the December version update can be found here:

The WE ARE VANA’DIEL special site, which highlights various aspects of FINAL FANTASY XI and its history throughout the years, has been updated with a variety of new content to provide players a glimpse into the world of the development of FINAL FANTASY XI Online. A few of the latest updates include the following:

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