Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne Detailed – New Story, Trials, Raids, and More

Square Enix has unveiled the first details of Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne during the 76th Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast. Scheduled to launch in late May 2023, the patch features new main scenario quests, Pandæmonium raid conclusion, and Blue Mage updates, among other additions.

Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne Features:

  1. New Main Scenario Quests: The Warrior of Light’s story continues in the next chapter of the main scenario questline.
  2. Pandæmonium Raid Conclusion: The Pandæmonium raid series concludes with Pandæmonium: Anabaseios, challenging players with an epic finale.
  3. New Dungeon: Players will encounter new challenges in The Aetherfont dungeon.
  4. New Trials: The Voidcast Dais offers a fresh battle at both Normal and Extreme difficulties.
  5. Unreal Trial: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal) adds another challenging encounter to the game.
  6. Side Story Quests: Tartaru’s Grand Endeavour storyline progresses with new quests.
  7. Duty Support System Update: Stormblood main scenario dungeons (The Sirensong Sea, Bardam’s Mettle, Doma Castle, Castrum Abania, and Ala Mhigo) will receive NPC ally support.
  8. Ocean Fishing Update: Discover a new route towards Kugane and experience more fishing adventures.
  9. Island Sanctuary Updates: Quality-of-life improvements include outdoor housing furniture placement, new ranks, crops, animals, and more.

Patch 6.45 Highlights:

  1. Blue Mage Update: The level cap for Blue Mage will increase to 80, alongside new exclusive gear and challenging enemies.
  2. New Variant & Criterion Dungeon: Mount Rokkon will feature Normal, Criterion, and Criterion (Savage) difficulty levels.
  3. Hildibrand Adventures: Expect more amusing escapades with Hildibrand.
  4. Weapon Enhancement Quests: Manderville Weapons will provide additional enhancement opportunities.
  5. Tool Enhancement Quests: Splendorous Tools offer further upgrades for players.

Hatching-tide Event:

Until April 10th, players can participate in the Hatching-tide in-game event, which offers limited-time quests and rewards such as Tonberry-themed gear, the Frighten emote, the Hippity-hoppity Hatching-tide Advertisement furnishing, and the Pa-Paya Demastered orchestrion roll.

Stormblood Expansion Offer:

Eligible players in select regions who own or purchase the Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition (A Realm Reborn™) can now add the Stormblood expansion to their account for free until May 8, 2023. The expansion continues the critically acclaimed story from Heavensward™, featuring new playable jobs, faraway locales, and an engaging main scenario questline.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne brings exciting new content for players, with the continuation of the main scenario, the conclusion of the Pandæmonium raid series, and Blue Mage updates. Set to launch in late May 2023, the patch is a welcome addition to the game’s expansive universe.

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