First Details Surface of New Metaverse Board Game Meta World: My City

Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, released new information for Meta World: My City at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). The new metaverse board game, featuring virtual real estate and building collection, was showcased during the GDC speaker session titled, “Web3 Forum: MARBLEX: Metaverse Ecosystem for Gamers.”

Meta World: My City is the sequel to the popular game Let’s Get Rich, which attracted more than 200 million players around the world. It features board game mechanics and the opportunity to have virtual buildings and real estate in the metaverse world called Meta World, which is based on real-world locations like New York City.

The board game portion of Meta World: My City allows players to monopolize cities on a map against other players from all around the world. In the metaverse portion of the game, players can earn rewards by holding onto virtual real estate and forming their version of a city, while also interacting with other players via virtual real estate sales and building trade. Various iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty are also displayed in the metaverse map to further intrigue the interest of the players.

During the GDC speaker session, Sean Hwang, Global Business Development Lead of MARBLEX, gave an overview of MBX’s overall business direction, successful games in the market employing MBX infrastructure and tokenomics, as well as a roadmap to MBX 3.0.

Hwang also presented key features from the upcoming game Meta World: My City, including enhanced graphics, easy-to-learn progressive gameplay mechanics, and an avatar system where players can create their own avatar to identify themselves in the game’s metaverse. He explained how players can execute advanced strategies in the board game section of the game using character card decks, giving each character their own unique skills.

The economy of Meta World: My City was also introduced where players can earn in-game currency called Meta Cash by winning board game matches or having virtual real estate. Meta Cash can be exchanged for ITU tokens, which will be used to earn MBX, a gaming blockchain ecosystem launched by MARBLEX.

Meanwhile, during the GDC speaker session, MARBLEX went over the direction of business strategy based on the current market status, MBX game Line ups and its tokenomics, as well as a roadmap to MBX 3.0.

This ecosystem not only encourages organic engagement from players, but also rewards them for their participation. Fans worldwide can enjoy the MBX ecosystem as part of Netmarble’s A3: Still Alive, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and The King of Fighters: ARENA. The company will add the proprietary blockchain ecosystem progressively to upcoming titles through on-going updates.

Netmarble and MARBLEX plan to further develop Meta World: My City to be a platform where players can actively interact with each other and enjoy various types of games in the metaverse world. The game will be available on both mobile and PC platforms with pre-registration currently underway which started on March 8th. Players can pre-register and secure special in-game items by visiting the official website, Google Play, and App Store.

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