First-Ever Aim Lab Combine In Partnership With VCT Challengers

Aim Lab In Partnership With VCT Challengers North America Launches First-Ever Aim Lab.

Yesterday, in partnership with VCT Challengers North America, Aim Lab, the ultimate training solution for first-and third-person shooters, launched the first-ever Aim Lab Combine. To celebrate the Combine’s launch, Aim Lab will be giving away prizes to players who earn high scores. Prizes will be awarded to top overall performers who participate from April 29th through May 5th, 2021.


North American Players Can Test and Improve VALORANT Skills Against the Region’s Best with In-Game Aim Training Program, Earn Gameplay Insights and VALORANT Points Along the Way.

Through a series of six specialized tasks meant to test VALORANT fundamentals such as Entrying, Headshots, Microflexing, Tracking, Trigger Control, and Wallpeeking, players can generate personal statistics on their core abilities. This data will then allow them to compare their stats to friends and pros via sharable Player Cards that will provide an overall Aim Lab score and highlight Accuracy, Speed, Reaction Time, and Tracking scores.

While The Aim Lab Combine is open to the public, players can link their Riot Games accounts to access the full suite of features and prizes. Registered players will appear on leaderboards that post top scores from each individual task and top cumulative scores.

Additionally, Player Cards will allow participants to choose their preferred agent for a more personalized card, unique to them. Player Profiles will go further by breaking down match history with unique stats that contextualize match-by-match performance. All registered Aim Lab Combine participants will be entered into a lottery for extra prizes. They’ll also gain access to an exclusive Weapon Skin within Aim Lab-themed after VCT Challengers.

The 2021 VCT Stage 2 – Challengers NA continues on Thursday, April 29th with the start of Challengers Playoffs, a Top 8 showdown to determine the two North American representatives at VALORANT Masters: Reykjavik.

“We’re excited to continue our VALORANT partnership and let VALORANT players compare their skills against their friends and the best players in the VCT Challengers North America,” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder of Aim Lab. “Creating personalized data based on individual player skills will help identify who are the top players for VALORANT, giving them an opportunity to improve and delivering a competitive edge ahead of the competition.”

“When we began our partnership with Aim Lab, one of our long-term goals was to help facilitate the development of VALORANT talent in North America,” said Matthew Archambault, Riot Games Head of Partnerships – NA & OCE. “This combine is a major step toward meeting that goal. Thanks to Aim Lab, players of all skill levels are going to enjoy the combine and find immediate use for its insights.”

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