It’s a fine line between cooperation and betrayal in an all new trailer for Hunters Arena: Legends, the upcoming battle royale action RPG Korean developer Mantisco. The company today released a cinematic video on the game’s Steam Page and YouTube channel, which highlights the stylish actions in PvP and PvE combat. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is due to enter Alpha later this year.

In the new cinematic trailer, three hunters who had been competing rush out together to face the Boss Monster together, highlighting the delicate balance between collaboration and betrayal players can expect in Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

“This trailer features in-game footage created on the game engine, to give players one of their first tastes of wat it will be like to play Hunter’s Arena: Legends,’ said Joon-young Yoo, producer, Mantisco.  “We want people to see this trailer and join our community on our Steam page as we gear up for alpha testing, early access and launch.”

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is scheduled to be released at the end of 2019, with an alpha test expected to begin soon.

Those looking to get their hands on Hunter’s Arena: Legends now and see the game in auction can look for the title at the LG Ultragear Festival from Aug. 31 through Sept. 1 in Seoul, where the “Tag Mode” game mode will be on display.

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