First Major Content Update Rolls Out for Strategic Sci-Fi VR Shooter ‘Guardians Frontline’

Exciting news for fans of strategic sci-fi VR shooters! Fast Travel Games and VirtualAge Games have released the highly anticipated first major update for Guardians Frontline, taking the gameplay experience to new heights. The free ‘Vehicles & Tech Update’ brings a host of exciting features, including enhanced battlefield support, powerful vehicles, advanced tech tree upgrades, and more customization options. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling update that is sure to captivate both newcomers and seasoned veterans of the game.

The ‘Vehicles & Tech Update’ introduces a range of new weapons that players can wield, including the medic gun. This powerful tool not only drains enemy HP but can also be used to heal units or fellow Guardians on the battlefield, adding a strategic element to gameplay. Additionally, players can now traverse the battlefield with ease thanks to the inclusion of the hoverbike, a versatile vehicle perfect for fast travel, or opt for the new two-seater tank to hold their ground against enemies.

In the battle for victory, field support is crucial, and the update offers players a range of new options to choose from. Progressing through the tech tree unlocks explosive arrows, teleport arrows, piercing bullets, repair drones, and smart triggers, providing players with a variety of tools to suit their playstyle and overcome challenges.

The update also introduces a captivating lava biome, where players must navigate rough and rocky terrain, adding an extra layer of challenge for even the most seasoned Guardians. Immerse yourself in this treacherous environment and test your skills to the limit.

Furthermore, players now have the opportunity to customize their avatars with more options. Choose between five female Guardian avatars or take on the role of the sleek Red Guardian as you embark on your epic battles. The update also enhances the map editor tools, allowing players to add bug lair assets such as eggs and parts, utilize auto-enabled headlights for darker maps, and seamlessly select items with the box selection tool. Let your creativity run wild as you craft your own unique maps and experiences.

The matchmaking system has also received improvements in this update. Players can now add in-game friends to the dedicated Friend list, enabling them to quickly queue up for battles together. Additionally, the Last Played list displays all the Guardians you have played with, making it easier to reconnect and team up for future battles.

In Guardians Frontline, players assume the role of both soldier and commander as they defend the federation from an onslaught of enemies while attempting to extract a mysterious energy source. With its immersive VR experience, the game offers a blend of ground combat and aerial battles, where players can utilize powerful weapons and ships to overcome their adversaries. Whether you prefer the solo experience, cooperative gameplay, or competitive PvP modes, Guardians Frontline caters to all playstyles.

Immerse yourself in the intense world of Guardians Frontline and experience the thrill of defending the federation. The game is available for purchase on the Meta Quest Store and Steam, priced at $24.99. With its captivating gameplay modes, exhilarating battles, and now with the exciting ‘Vehicles & Tech Update’, Guardians Frontline offers a strategic sci-fi VR shooter experience like no other. Gear up, rally your team, and prepare for the ultimate fight!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest 2

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