First Person Action Horror Title Mortal Sin Release Window Revealed

Embrace Immortality and Fight Endless Hordes in Mortal Sin. Solo dev announces first-person action horror title coming soon.

Solo developer Nikola Todorovic has just announced that his action horror roguelike game Mortal Sin is launching on Steam later this year. Cursed by immortality, Mortal Sin has players venturing through monster-infested dungeons hacking and slashing limbs in order to survive. With a unique, gritty graphic-novel-inspired art style players must dodge traps, take out enemies, open chests, discover powerful upgrades, and more. Death is never the end, it is only the beginning.

With procedurally generated levels, no single playthrough will be the same when players jump into this dark and twisted world. Mortal Sin’s unique art style and first-person view means dark corners, surprise attacks, and unexpected scares. Equipped with only a sword and their wit to start, players will progress through levels by dismembering enemies, avoiding traps, and picking up loot to become more powerful. The sinister forces that have trapped players in this endless curse won’t give in easily and players will have to be quick on their feet if they’re to stand a chance. Utilize Mortal Sin’s deep combo system and you may just live to see the start of a new dawn.

Starting over after each death may feel discouraging, but those dedicated enough to keep trying will be rewarded with precious items, more powerful combos, and secrets that will allow them to find ever rarer loot. Players may even unlock permanent rewards to help them make quicker progress in earlier areas. Mortal Sin encourages players to explore while they dismember because only those who venture deep enough will find all of the secrets there are to offer. With over 20-30 hours of gameplay, this brutal, combat-focused first-person roguelike offers nearly endless possibilities.

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