Fishing Vacation: A Game Boy Inspired Horror Adventure for Nintendo Switch

Last week, DreadXP, a premier horror games publisher, made an exciting announcement regarding their latest addition to the console port lineup. Independent developer Teebowah Games’ Fishing Vacation, a Game Boy-themed horror adventure, is now available on the Nintendo Switch platform!

Originally conceptualized for Fishing Horror Jam 2020 and subsequently released as an expanded standalone game on Steam in April 2022, Fishing Vacation presents players with an uncomfortably moist micro-horror experience, offering the vacation they’ve been waiting for. Blending fishing adventure, atmospheric horror, and a healthy dose of humor, Fishing Vacation pays homage to the Game Boy games of the past, delivering an experience filled with haunting discoveries.

In Fishing Vacation, players assume the role of a character who, along with their buddy, have been entrusted with the keys to their uncle’s cabin nestled in the mountains near a picturesque lake known for its exceptional fishing opportunities. However, upon arrival, they quickly realize that the local ecology has undergone some unsettling changes. To make matters worse, their uncle is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, the absence of the uncle should not deter players from embarking on their fishing escapades and attempting to reel in the big catch.

Spanning across three in-game days, players must engage in activities such as digging up worms and catching their own dinner while unraveling the mysteries surrounding the vacant cabin and the whereabouts of their friend’s uncle and their family. As they progress through the game, players will encounter more than 30 types of fish and creatures to catch, creating a moist and immersive environment.

Fishing Vacation offers a humorously horrific story, providing an engaging narrative that will keep players intrigued throughout their playthrough. Additionally, the game boasts more than three endings to unlock, each offering a unique experience and lasting approximately 30 minutes to an hour per playthrough. The replayability factor of the game is further enhanced by the option to choose from over ten retro-inspired color palettes, adding a nostalgic touch to the overall gameplay experience.

Players can now embark on their Fishing Vacation on the Nintendo Switch, with the game available for purchase on the eShop at the affordable price of $1.99 USD.

Whether you’re a fan of horror games, Game Boy aesthetics, or simply seeking an intriguing and immersive gaming experience, Fishing Vacation is poised to offer a unique blend of fishing, horror, and humor. Don’t miss out on this atmospheric adventure, available now on the Nintendo Switch platform. Cast your line and prepare to be both thrilled and chilled as you uncover the mysteries lurking within Fishing Vacation’s haunting world.

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

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