Five Heroes Are Back and Better Than Ever in Shadow Arena

Familiar faces are ready to face off in Shadow Arena once again! Pearl Abyss announces today that five Heroes are returning to the 3v3 arena fighter: Sura, Bari, Badal, Igrid, and Lahn – expanding the roster of playable heroes from 12 to 17 as the game continues to shift to accommodate the new class based, strategic cooperative combat that fans have been asking for.

Badal, Igrid, and Lahn rejoined the arena earlier this month, and Sura and Bari will return this week.

According to the new Hero classifications, these fighters take on the following new roles:

  • Sura, a speedy Dealer who can overwhelm foes, using enhanced mobility to hit foes from behind or sidestep attacks. What he lacks defense, he makes up for in speed and precision.
  • Ba-ri, a powerful Support who is accompanied by her lifelong friend Heilang, a wolf-like creature that follows her every command. While Heilang provides power to the duo, Ba-ri supports her team by boosting attacking speed and move speed.
  • Badal, a short-ranged Dealer specializing in grappling and quick combos. With his short attack range, he needs to stay close to his enemies to unleash a barrage of blows.
  • Igrid, a balanced Brawler whose battle axe and shield combo make her well-rounded choice. Ingrid’s balanced attack and defensive skills may lack speed, but she can boost her team’s defenses and decrease her opponent’s attack range.
  • Lahn, a ranged Dealer whose Crescent Pendulum can pull her enemies in from afar for her allies to attack. Her skills allow her to run through space without constraints, but it leaves her vulnerable to her foes’ attacks. Use it wisely!
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