Five spots remaining in the race to the BLAST Premier Global Final

The race to BLAST Premier’s highly anticipated Global Final (20-24 January) is heating up with only four months and five spots remaining for a chance to win a mouth-watering $1million prize pool.

The Global Final represents the jewel in BLAST Premier’s crown and a tournament that teams work tirelessly to qualify for over a year-long period of countless tournaments and Counter Strike matches – with the eventual winners claiming bragging rights as the world’s best CS:GO team.

Complexity, Team Vitality and Evil Geniuses are the only teams to date to have their names confirmed for the Global Final in January 2021, after qualifying through their impressive performances in the BLAST Premier Spring Final in June.

The last five places will be made up of a mixture of teams that include December’s BLAST Premier Fall Final winner and the remaining teams qualifying through the Global Leaderboard, which is open to teams from all across the world.

Nicolas Estrup, Director of Product and Experience of BLAST, said: “The Global Final is the pinnacle of the 2020 season, having had 30 plus teams gather points towards qualification, it’s great to finally see the end result of 12 months of competitive play under challenging circumstances. Seeing as our qualifying mechanism takes other tournaments from other operators into account, it truly makes it the Counter Strike conclusion of 2020.”

“What makes this event so exciting to me is that with our 2020 format change, we’ve finally opened our year up to teams all around the world, the Global Leaderboard qualifies teams solely through the merit of their performance, allowing for juggernauts and colossuses to rise and win the biggest single event prize pool in 2020 Counter Strike.”

NAVI, Astralis and G2 Esports currently lead the way in the tussle for the final few places in the Global Final via the leaderboard after their impressive performances in recent months across various competitions. NAVI are in touching distance to secure their place while Astralis are back in contention after their recent victories in the ESL Pro League.

The Global Leaderboard is a qualifying mechanism for the Global Final and points scoring system for competing Counter Strike teams in 14 of the leading tournaments around the world, teams accumulate points by winning matches and progressing as far as possible in these selected events. There will be a minimum of four teams qualifying for the Global Final via the leaderboard and through their performances across the calendar year in various competitions.

Teams hoping to climb the leaderboard before January still have a number of events to pick points up from before then, including: BLAST Premier Fall Series, Showdown and Final, Flashpoint Finals and the IEM Global Challenge.

The road to the Global Final continues in the next two months when the Fall Series (October 26th-4th November) and Fall Showdown (November 23rd-29th) take place, the winning teams from these events will secure their place in the Fall Final (8th-13th December) and a chance to qualify for the Global Final.

Teams competing in the BLAST Premier Fall Series include: Astralis, NiP, G2 Esports, OG, Vitality, NAVI, FaZe Clan, Complexity, BIG, MiBR, Evil Geniuses and FURIA.

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