Flippin Kaktus takes part in The Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition

To celebrate the Steam Festival a special free demo of an action-driven adventure with platformer elements in the 80s-style Flippin Kaktus featuring a spiky hero with a thorny past, is launched.

The game is developed by Evgeny Khoroshilov, an Indie Games Developer and enthusiast from the 80s, who enjoys quality games of any age and platform, critically acclaimed TV shows, and quirky humour. Of course, it was just a matter of time when the “cactus versus tequila” motto and tons of absorbed experience result in a game like this.

Flippin Kaktus will be released on Steam at the end of 2020. However, now you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the beginning of the story about a crazy Cactus who has to go all out to save his foster family from a ruthless drug cartel.

In addition, during the Festival a special Q&A session is scheduled on October 9 in Discord from 12:00 to 21:00 Moscow time.

About Flippin Kaktus

Mysteriously awakened on the agave fields, Kaktus was sheltered by a kind, caring family from a small village nearby. For decades they lived in peace and harmony.

But it all ended when raiders from the Calaveras cartel wrecked havoc on their land. They took everything. They left him no choice.

Now this seemingly harmless Kaktus has to reveal his dark side in order to avenge his family and crush the cartel.

    When you’re fighting alone against a vicious drug cartel, the end justifies the means. Switch Kaktus into rage mode by pumping him full of tequila and other questionable substances and go on a rampage. Embrace your hero’s dark side and annihilate everything in your path.
    Pickups won’t always be enough to keep Kaktus in the zone during combat. Sometimes you’ll have to strategize and try your luck — dodge bullets, equip armor, set ambushes, and make use of the interactive environment to turn the tables on your battle-hardened foes.
    With endless tactical possibilities, you’ll never run out of ways to stick it to the cartel! Find the sweet spot by mixing up the game’s two gameplay styles. Combine stealth and agility with rage-fueled killing sprees to outsmart to dominate your enemies.
    Meet lots of eccentric companions and NPCs along the way. Sure, some of them are goofy, some of them are cheesy, but they just might save your butt if you’re ever in a jam!
    11 unique locations with memorable designs and hand-crafted levels inspired by Latin American aesthetics, classic retro games, and, of course, your favorite VHS action flicks. Authentic sound design and rockin’ tunes included!
    Immerse yourself in Kaktus’s story through hand-drawn comic-style cutscenes and connect all the dots in this wild and unpredictable desperado tale.
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