For the People is now available on Steam and!

For the People is part political simulator, part detective novella, and, of course, a strategy game through and through. Any decision you make has consequences that will affect the main storyline, ultimately leading you to one of several possible endings. Make yourself comfortable in the mayor’s chair and plunge into the life of the city and its people!

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Key features:

Talk to your people (multitude of dialogues)

The mayor of a small town has a very busy schedule. Your duties will include receiving other city officials and ordinary citizens, listening to their requests, making decisions, and taking necessary action. The dialogue options you choose, as well as the measures you employ will have an impact on your reputation and standings with various people and factions. Every character has their own truth and it is within your power to try and get to the root of everyone’s problems and motivations. Choose who you want to believe, make promises, and do whatever it takes to keep them… or don’t.

There’s no shifting responsibility! (city logistics)

Combating emergencies is the responsibility of the City Committee, as is making sure that the city has all the essential supplies. You will need to organize the provision of resources to the city and then distribute them among its districts. Be prepared to make difficult decisions: to help the poor people who without a single piece of bread to eat or focus on importing life-saving medication? There are no inherently good or bad choices and you will soon find out that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, so pull up your tie and get to cleaning up your city before the situation catches the attention of party higher-ups!

By any means necessary (hiring agents)

“There is a clandestine casino in the House of Culture! What are you going to do, Comrade Mayor? Dispatch a team of armed police officers or hire an agent to infiltrate the group of criminals and expose its leaders?”

Sometimes the work of the City Committee simply can’t be done “by the book.” You are free to solve such issues using unconventional methods and to conduct informal investigations. After all, you not only have the authority of the party backing you up but also a long list of operatives awaiting your orders. Whichever way you choose to achieve your goals will remain only on your conscience!

Competent informants (gathering information)

There’s more than one way to gather information in Iron-1. Besides the official channels, you can count on the assistance of the people one would never even suspect of being a snitch! While the city officials might not tell you the whole truth, a disgraced retired journalist seeking justice will not be as picky if asked to help gather evidence to put a certain someone behind bars and neither should you neglect old inter-department connections. A friend who once got a piece of good news from the young mayor might be able to warn their benefactor about an unexpected consequence of one of their choices in a timely manner… But can such an ally really be trusted?

The time has come to take the mayor’s chair and decide what kind of future is in store for Iron-1. Everything is in your hands now! Bring justice and integrity to the people, comrade new Head of the City Committee!

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