Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Flipped Begins, Here is What’s New

With Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Finale “The End” underway yesterday, all players were cast adrift at sea as the Island players once knew flipped completely, unveiling brand-new areas to explore for Chapter 3 Season 1. Upon washing up on the new Island, players were greeted by none other than The Foundation, who walked them through their Chapter 3 Season 1 Orientation.

  • New Gameplay Mechanics: Alongside new areas to explore, there are tons of new ways to play. New maneuver mechanics, such as sliding and web-slinging with Spider-Man’s Web Shooters (available on December 11), will give players a mobility boost. With its many scenic routes and landmarks, the Island’s a prime place for camping out. Players can assemble a Tent for themselves or with their friends to stash items or heal up. Place highly enough in a match and players will be bestowed a Victory Crown, shining in all its glory. If players win while wearing the Victory Crown, they’ll get an exclusive Emote!
  • Unlock New Outfits in the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass: Who knows that “with great power comes great responsibility” better than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! With the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass, players will have the chance to unlock not only Spider-Man but also The Foundation along with several others.
  • New Places to Explore: A new Island means new places, which includes a wintry biome on the west with spots like Logjam Lumberyard, the tropics on the east with the “Sanctuary” a.k.a. the home to The Seven, a towering web-covered Daily Bugle.
  • XP Any Mode, Everywhere: Anyone can play their way and earn XP towards their Battle Pass through modes other than Battle Royale, including Save the World and from Accolades in select Creative experiences.
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