Fortnite World Cup 2023: Will Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha) shine again?

Fortnite World Cup 2023 is a $30 million tournament led by Epic Games. The biggest tournament in Fortnite is due to happen this weekend. The Epic Games is expected to kick off its start with the first-ever World Cup. It will be a substantial multipart tournament bringing together the top players from the world. The exclusive event will take place at the one and only Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. The place is well-known for its hosting abilities and is a famous host venue in the United States. The overall popularity in this unparalleled mainstream, combined with the humongous pool of prizes, makes the eSports event one of the biggest in history. 

Online platforms have seen a widespread expansion after eSports and sports betting was introduced virtually. Every state has welcomed suitable developers to make it a huge success. Sportsbooks have treasured the entire market space in states like Pennsylvania with numerous features and benefits. Pennsylvania sportsbook promo codes are the most loved deliverable by users. Virtual streaming is already doing justice to the developers. Similarly, the Fortnite World Cup, with its online existence and exciting events, has won hearts and is a hot topic these days. 

The Fortnite World Cup is almost streaming everywhere. Apart from its omnipresent happening, the developers Epic Games unveiled a recent picture. The picture demonstrates a feature that allows you to watch the World Cup inside the game while playing Fortnite. If you choose to stream outside the game, you can go to YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, Facebook, or even the official website of Fortnite ( 

The Glorious Moment for Kyle Giersdorf


Kyle Giersdorf or Bugha won over a hundred opponent players with a score of 59 plus points. He is a 16-year-old kid, the first to be crowned with the title of the first-ever Fortune World Cup Champion title, earning around $3 million as prize money. American players backed the top three places. Bugha explained how happy he felt with everything he had done for the glorious moment. Upon asking about the money, the new champion said he would save it for the future. 


The Fortnite World Cup is not a one-day competition. It comprises four different tournaments to take place within three days. The big ones are the solo competitions as well as the duos. Also, a celebrity tournament is ready to showcase the game’s creative mode. 

July 26, Friday: Creative and Celebrities

The World Cup begins with a pre-show starting at 12:30 pm ET, followed by the Creative finals at 1 pm ET. This is designed to present some of the wildest creations in the game made by the players. Eight teams comprising four players will compete against each other. They will have a total of $3 million to back the grabs. Some pretty big names in the field are Faze Cizzorz and Ninja, known for designing the most deadly Fortnite levels. The celebrity pro event starts at 4 pm ET. Like other competitions, this celebrity competition will also partner with celebrities. The most loved ones are Ninja and Marshmellow. Other names include RL Grime, Alison, Wonderland, and the growing Fortnite star Ewok. 

July 27, Saturday: The Duos

The fifty best duos will compete with each other on Saturday. This is when you get to witness the actual competition. Each of the pairs has to go through a fair qualifying process. This is expected to have lasted for several weeks, with many big sports teams representing themselves. The qualified players’ list doesn’t include popular players like Tfue or Ninja. The pre-show begins at 12:30 pm ET, even before things kick off between 1 pm ET and 4 pm ET. The winners’ ceremony will take place at 4:45 pm ET. 

July 28, Sunday: Solo

The Solo tournament is the biggest draw that is saved for the last. This is arguably the purest battle royal unit of the entire World Cup. One hundred players will drop onto the island. Each one of these players has to fight the others to be the only one standing at the end. The list of qualifiers includes well-known names as well as relative strangers. The most prominent name in this segment is Tfue. He qualified for the solo competition and eventually missed out on passing for the Duos. This hints at the numerous surprises and shocks awaiting the viewers. Some other big names in the competition include Danny Dubs and Timothy Bizzle. The schedule for the Solo is the same as the Duos, pre-show beginning at 12:30 pm ET, the tournament expected to run from 1 pm to 4 pm ET, led by the awards ceremony at 4:45 pm ET. 

Final Words 

There has been a specific set of Fortnite competitions, the World Cup is one of them. The stats and leasing spirit among the audience are already shaping it to be the biggest in history. Fortnite is a game that includes bona fide global stars such as Twitch streamers Tyler, Turner, and Blevins. They command an audience who are against the world’s most prominent athletes. 

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