FPS Forgive Me Father Releases The Endless Love Update

Forgive Me, Father, the old-school horror FPS with a dark comic book aesthetic, puts the “love” in “Lovecraft” with its second major Early Access content update today, “The Endless Love”. To celebrate this Valentine’s day, the update introduces a brand new Game Mode – the Endless Mode – which lets players who fell madly in love with the game enjoy it forever. But that’s not all, the new update also brings two more levels, an extra weapon, a new surprise enemy, and plenty more goodies and gameplay improvements! As if that wasn’t enough, to spread the love around, Forgive Me Father will be available with a 20% discount for a limited period of time!

The Endless Mode puts you in a bite-sized arena for some fast-paced carnage. You start with a level one character with basic weapons and skills, but every enemy killed grants much more experience points than in regular gameplay, so there is always going to be a constant supply of upgrades. Ammo pickups appear on the map only after an enemy wave is defeated, so make sure you don’t get caught with an empty clip. Every health point is valuable since no regular health pickups will ever appear in Endless Mode, so thoughtful skill usage and Madness management are key!

Early Access Content Update #2 (“The Endless Love Update”) Features:

  • New game mode: Endless Mode – survive for as long as you can!
  • Two new levels: Gutter and Sewers (because every retro shooter is required by law to have one!)
  • New surprise enemy – find it!
  • New weapon (hidden in several levels)
  • Invert scroll wheel option
  • Player skills now can be used while playing from level selection
  • New sprite for large health kits
  • Slightly nerfed the Rusty Vito and Harpoon Gun for balancing
  • Improved performance in the Forest and Corn Field levels
  • Enemy blood now rotates with their sprite
  • Polished the enemy sprite rotation algorithm
  • Updated the Medallion skill description in the skill tree
  • General bug fixes & improvements
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