Free Curse of the Serpent Lord Update for Demeo Out Now

Survive against a cadre of desert-dwelling reptilian nightmares using the new Warlock class and the reimagined Sorcerer in the latest setting for the world of Demeo.

The gods of the desert are not what they seem in Curse of the Serpent Lord, the latest adventure for the critically-acclaimed multiplayer strategy game Demeo. Available as a free update for both PC and VR players, Curse of the Serpent Lord introduces new enemy types, gameplay mechanics, and player options to extend the world of Demeo’s tabletop adventures to Ronth: a region beset by the unrelenting gaze of the desert sun.

Curse of the Serpent Lord

In the desolate wastelands of Ronth Desert, the village of Izteria was built to be a shielded sanctuary to protect the followers of Iztir so they could worship in peace and solitude. But with the arrival of their serpent god, that peace broke — turning the townsfolk into monsters clad in the skin of reptiles! Can your band of adventurers confront the Serpent Lord, uncover the truth, and break the curse?

Meet the Warlock

The newest addition to Demeo’s cast of characters is Oana, a steadfast warlock and a mighty warrior who is always accompanied by her Astacat, Cána. Few conjurers are able to cast spells like Oana’s, making her a threat to be reckoned with. Create portals, fire magic missiles, and deploy magical barriers with Oana’s unique spell set, or send her constant companion Cána charging into an enemy, dealing damage to everything in its path.

Sorcerer, Reconjured

When building new content for existing brands like Demeo, Resolution Games makes every effort to listen to its players and then turn that listening into action. In response to player feedback, Demeo will see one of the community’s most frequent requests addressed with a powerful revision to Demeo’s original magic-wielder.

Zedokar the Sorcerer has a few new tricks up his sleeve starting today: Overcharge fills him with crackling electrical energy, stunning anyone who dares to attack and turning his Zap power into the much more powerful Lightning Bolt.

A Fifth Adventure is on the Horizon

Demeo players can look forward to the game’s fifth full adventure coming later this year, where they will see the band of intrepid adventurers takes a trip into a town for the very first time, where powerful new enemies and all-new dangers await.

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