Free Fire Update K.O. Night Brings You Into the Boxing Ring

Get the blow-by-blow of Free Fire’s latest major event and patch update, with plenty of exciting rewards up for grabs!

Free Fire invites Survivors to get their gloves on and step into the fighting ring for the game’s latest major event, K.O. Night. The event will feature a full in-game reskin, a special interface, and plenty of exciting activities and rewards up for grabs.

The K.O. Night event will introduce Survivors to Laura and Rafael, a pair of ex-lovers who split after discovering they belong to opposing factions. But their destinies are set on a collision course after they separately sign up for K.O. Night, the premier fighting tournament in Free Fire. Follow Laura and Rafael as they learn to fight for their beliefs and commit to their destinies – even if that means facing down their former love.

Against this interplay, Survivors will be immersed in the spectacle of K.O. Night. This will include a full in-game reskin, a special interface with daily missions, peak-day activities, login and friend call-back bonuses, and various belt drops that can be exchanged for exclusive K.O. Night-themed rewards. These will include Laura and Rafael’s stylish own Male and Female Boxer bundles.

Free Fire’s new patch update releases today!

Alongside the K.O. Night event, Survivors can look forward to a host of content in the latest patch update. This will include the much-requested return of Bermuda Remastered permanently.

Character advancement and skill systems will also undergo several changes. Survivors will now be able to level up characters using only memory fragments – which can be earned by playing Free Fire. Awakened characters will also have their original and awakened skills merged.

Additionally, Survivors will also get a Clash Squad Season 6, a new character, a new revive mechanism, as well as an extensive list of character and weapon balancing adjustments and quality-of-life updates.

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