Free Fire’s Endless Oblivion Elite Pass Invites Survivors to a Mysterious World

Free Fire, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, is taking Survivors to another world in its Endless Oblivion Elite Pass (EP). In this new world, spirits, portals, and possessions are a regular occurrence and it’s up to a specialized group of warriors, called spirit defenders, to fight back these unexpected and relentless threats. Rewards include the Endless White / Black Bundles and Endless Oblivion themed skins for the M249, backpack, Skyboard, and Lootbox.

In the Endless Oblivion EP, Survivors are introduced to two spirit defenders, Ray and Abby, who are enjoying a day off until they receive a call from a dispatcher. The dispatcher informs them of a portal opening in the middle of a high school soccer game. This attack is unique because not only were spirits possessing the bodies of high school students, but they also kidnapped four teenagers by bringing them through the portal. Two fellow spirit defenders, Lou and Loretta, have been possessed as well. Ray and Abby head down to the high school to help combat the spirits and close the portal.

The Endless Oblivion EP features the Endless Black Bundle and the Endless White Bundle, which represent outfits worn by Ray and Abby, respectively. Additional rewards include the M249-Endless Oblivion skin, the Endless Oblivion Backpack skin, the Endless Oblivion Surfboard skin, and the Endless Oblivion Loot Box skin.

The overall style of the Endless Oblivion EP Bundles is based on the concept of the soul, while chains are used to resonate with the theme. Contemporary wind coats are used to give a unique, otherworld-esque visual combination and cloud patterns accentuate the mysteriousness of this other world.

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