Free Mario Strikers: Battle League Update Sends Pauline & Diddy Kong

Time and space feel like they’ve come to a standstill. In the face of what seems like insurmountable odds, two fan-favorite strikers enter a packed stadium, their eyes filled with determination. The ball enters the play and the action resumes. Will they be able to dominate the field and drive the ball home?

Please put your hands (and Joy-Con controllers) together for Pauline and Diddy Kong as they join the Mario Strikers: Battle League game for the Nintendo Switch system!

A free update is now available for all Mario Strikers: Battle League players which adds a number of features to the game, including these newly added playable characters, a set of Barrel-themed gear and the Planetoid stadium.

Here are more details on the newly added content you can enjoy:

Pauline – A physical powerhouse with fast movements and strong tackles joins the roster. Just say the word, and this super star will be out on the field in a flash!
Diddy Kong – This player barrels his way to the field as a midfield speedster with dazzling techniques and high pass accuracy.
Barrel-Themed Gear – When equipped, this gear increases passing, shooting and more.
Planetoid Stadium – In addition to using the Planetoid stadium in matches, you can also set it as your club stadium!

There are also new features and customization options available with this update, which include:

  • Striker Ranking – When you play online* matches (online quick battle**, season match or open match), you’ll earn or lose skill points based on the results of the match, which will determine your individual Striker Ranking. The ranking will be reset when each club season ends!
  • Supporters – This is a new club stadium customization option that allows you to customize audiences in the stadium. Bring a touch of whimsy to your matches by putting decorations on the heads and bodies of the crowd. You’ll also be able to select two musical instruments, which will add sound effects in certain scenes during the match.
  • Match Celebration Effects – With this new feature, you can spend coins to change the effects in stadiums. Add a splash of confetti and fireworks to the festivities!

Get gritty and take on the world with these new additions to Mario Strikers: Battle League. Mario Strikers: Battle League will have another free update to look forward to in 2022, as well. Please stay tuned for more details in the future.

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