Free-to-Play Comes to Legends of Aria on December 5th

Citadel Studios is ready to unleash a New Dawn in its flagship title Legends of Aria. Beginning December 5th, players will be able to embark on a journey that will see a host of new content arrive alongside the introduction of a free-to-play option that opens Celador to everyone. There is also a completely optional and low-cost way for players to subscribe to Legends of Aria that provides a variety of in-game perks and bonuses.


 Players are invited to add Legends of Aria to their Steam wishlist to prepare for the December 5th launch date of New Dawn.

The New Dawn update is a major turning point for Legends of Aria, not only because of the introduction of a free-to-play option but also due to some brand new features that are sure to please both new players and veterans alike. Most notably, fans of hardcore PvP action, a signature feature of Legends of Aria, will be delighted to know that The Wilderness is making its return and is sure to kick off some epic battles.


There is a lot to unpack in the New Dawn update as there is something inside for everyone. Check out this impressive list of features:

  • The return of The Wilderness to bring high octane gameplay as players weigh the risk-versus-reward environment.
  • Warriors will find some sweet changes to the class in the form of the Bloodlust resource and nine new powerful abilities.
  • A new Township feature that lets players become citizens of one of Celador’s many towns.
  • Militias are forming with players able to join in on the battle to conquer Celador.
  • Challenge the wrath of the Fire Dancer, the Nest Mother’s brood, or the rage of the Shapeshifter, three new World Bosses, and be rewarded with new overworld Artifacts!
  • Stealing and Snooping are now viable options for those wanting to master the fine art of thievery.
  • Resource Missions are being added to allow players to explore for precious wood, ore, and cloth away from high traffic areas.
  • Professions have been updated with all-new quests to grant new passive abilities.
  • Episodic content called Leagues of Celador is being added to bring fresh new stories to Legends of Aria.


New Dawn brings many other great additions and improvements including Runebooks, an overhaul to Craft Orders, deployment of the Dynamic Spawner to overworld monster spawns and points of interest and a host of other quality of life changes and bug fixes.

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