Freezing Ray and Gravity Gun: VR action shooter Dead Ground:Arena out now on Steam!

Developer VRillAR celebrates VR Zombie shooter Dead Ground: Arena leaving Early Access. The final version includes seven exciting levels in different environments with challenging bosses and a variety of weapons to fend off infested creatures. A playable demo for their next installment Dead GroundZ will be available later this month and players will be able to experience the first minutes of the game to get a glance at the storyline.


During the Early Access phase of Dead Ground:Arena, the developer team made numerous improvements to the game based on player feedback including support for more devices like Samsung Odyssey, adjustments to gameplay and controls as well as improvements to the already impressive unreal engine 4 based graphics and the addition of new maps and enemies.


As an agent of the secret organisation Blackrain, players take on a variety of missions in changing environments, ranging from claustrophobic caves to infested railroad stations, where they must fend of unrelenting hordes of enemies. To tackle the challenges of the standalone arena mode, they are equipped with a wide range of weapons, from realistic military firearms and grenades to more exotic ones such as a Freeze Ray or the all-time favorite Gravity Gun to fight more than 30 different reactive NPCs such as typical zombies, crawling and jumping ones and gigantic bosses.

VRillAR sets new standards for VR gun handling and graphics and provides a realistic, threatening world full of zombies in Dead Ground: Arena.


Fans of Dead Ground: Arena can look forward to VRillARs next installment in the Dead Ground universe: A demo version of the upcoming story-based title Dead GroundZ will be available later in September. The demo lets players dive into the first couple of minutes of the game, but will keep the overall experience spoiler-free.

Dead Ground: Arena is available in English with a 30% discount for €10,49/$10.49 on Steam as well as via Viveport and Oculus Experience. An HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or mixed reality device like Samsung Odyssey is required to play.

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