Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Announces Massive Pre-Registration Success Before June 5th Launch

Developers Leiting Games have announced the early success of the pre-registration for their upcoming mobile title Fury Survivor: Pixel Z. In just over two weeks the game’s pre-registration has reached one million sign-ups. The anticipated zombie hack n’ slash features RPG and a core story which will send players out into the perilous and undead infested world to search for their wife and children, while also creating a sustainable retreat for themselves.

Rich with RPG elements, Fury Survivor Z will allow players to interact with a wide cast of characters that have managed to survive in the hostile post-apocalyptic world. Players will also be able to customize their character with weapons they find as they venture out for supplies and will also be able to craft valuable items to help them along their journey to find their family. Throughout the game, players will be able to bolster their refuge to store food and supplies and create a safe haven for themselves as well as the (hopeful) return of their family.


For players looking for a true and brutal hack n’ slash experience Fury Survivor delivers in the form of challenging combat against a wide variety of enemies and spectacularly gory death animations that are delivered in stylized pixel graphics. Players will have to navigate the world smartly also, as various traps will be in their path, in addition to the seemingly endless hordes of zombies.

Pre-registration for Fury Survivor Z will be ending soon on June 4th, players not wanting to miss out on their chance to get a head start on fighting off scores of zombies can pre-register by heading to the App Store, Play Store or the official website and signing up for iOS or Android access.

A list of features includes:

  • Fight off throngs of zombies in bloody hack n’ slash fashion
  • Fight for survival as you search for your family in a gripping story-driven game
  • Collect various weapons and gear
  • Navigate through traps and a variety of undead enemies
  • Scavenge for food, water, and supplies
  • Learn a variety of crafts
  • Create your own sustainable refuge
  • Interact with other survivors
  • Stylized pixel art graphics
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