G2 Esports Makes Moves Expanding Into Asia and Mobile Esports

G2 Esports has announced its expansion into Southeast Asia with the launch of its new team, G2 Blacklist: G2’s first League of Legends: Wild Rift team.

The team is a joint venture with Tier One Entertainment, the parent company of Blacklist International, a winning esports organization deeply rooted in the competitive mobile gaming scene. The news marks the latest market expansion for G2, following an increase of its operations in North America in 2022 by joining the VALORANT Challengers North America league.

The team will be operating in Manila, Philippines, representing the expansion of the G2 brand into a new geographical market. With Blacklist operating at the top of its field, the partnership is viewed as the perfect partner for G2 as it expands to Southeast Asia.

United by a shared passion for entertainment, G2 Blacklist will create a content series called ‘The Bootcamp’ that follows the journey of the new project in attempting the qualification to The Wild Rift League Asia.

The partnership celebrates an undeniable synergy between both brands and combines a winning culture that exists at the root of both organizations. As the world premiere multi-title Esports club and entertainment brand, G2 Esports is a team with an unmatched competitive record. Top Tier International, operating as the kings of mobile Esports in Southeast Asia, makes Blacklist International a perfect partner for this project.

G2’s expansion into Southeast Asia comes as the esports industry continues to grow at speed. The region is expected to surpass the rest of the world as more fans engage in esports, growing to US$72.5 million in revenue by 2024 and registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.8%, according to a report by Tencent and Newzoo. The figure is nearly double the global CAGR of 11.1% [1]. Known for the innovation and creativity the brand has developed since its inception, G2 will form part of this growth, bringing its unique approach and highly engaged fan base to the region.

This new initiative will be celebrated with a bespoke and exclusive art piece, created by Quiccs, a Filipino toy designer, illustrator, and graffiti artist making waves worldwide for his unique creations.

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