Gadgeteer VR Beta and Contest Available Now on Steam

Independent video games studio Metanaut releases the beta build of the physics-based VR puzzle game Gadgeteer on Steam today. The full game will be launched in April 2019 on HTC Vive.

To celebrate the occasion, Metanaut is giving away prizes to the top 3 chain reaction builders in their game. All they have to do is play Gadgeteer Beta Demo and share their machines. More details of the contest can be found here.

Gadgeteer, nominated as one of the most anticipated VR games of 2019 by PC Gamer, is a virtual reality title in which you build chain reaction machines to solve intricate puzzles as never seen before.

”Some of our fans have been following the development of our game since our first reddit post over two years ago”, claims Peter Kao, Co-Founder and CEO at Metanaut . “After hearing their opinions about our game, we’ve expanded our team and have made huge improvements”.

Gadgeteer features two game modes: sandbox and puzzle. The latter isn’t available in this beta build but it will be in the full version. The full version will also take place in an apartment-sized environment filled with interesting surfaces, furnitures, and everyday objects to build on.



  • Build with freedom. No restrictions on where and how you build your incredible machines.
  • Create, edit, destroy with 3 powerful toolheads.
  • Chain together 50+ unique gadgets to build your crazy machines.
  • Painlessly undo your mistakes.
  • Two ways to play: Puzzle / Story and Sandbox.
  • Solve 60 puzzles using your creativity and wit.
  • Never step on a LEGO brick again!
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