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Even the PC Master Race can’t wait to join the pantsu-sucking party!

If you’ve been gazing enviously at your console brothers, as they bask unashamedly in the warmth of pantsu paradise, then envy no more! Gal*Gun 2 from PQube Ltd and developers IntiCreates is out TODAY...

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Gal*Gun 2 – Nintendo Switch Review

Gal*Gun 2 immediately gives me the impression of a harem style anime, which is most usually targeted for members of the opposite gender. I decided to give Gal*Gun 2 a spin and start up a fresh game. W...

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Gal*Gun 2 is out now in North America!

PQube and Inti Creates are pleased to announce that Gal*Gun 2, the now infamous shooter series, which swaps bullets for boobage and paratroopers for pantsu, releases in North America today for both Pl...

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Ecstasy shots incoming! Gal*Gun 2 prepares to Demon Sweep western fans off their feet this April

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch release dates set for April 13th in Europe and April 24th in North America. The wait for Pantsu Paradise is almost over! Gal*Gun 2, the long-awaited sequel to gaming&...

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Suck your way to Pantsu Paradise in Gal*Gun 2!

Underwear Utopia beckons on Switch and PS4 in Spring 2018! PQube is proud to lift the hem on the debut gameplay trailer from Gal*Gun 2, headed to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring ...

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Gal*Gun 2 is Coming to Europe and North America

Our hearts go Doki-Doki once again! In 2016, Gal*Gun: Double Peace changed the world forever. There was moe as far as the eye could see, as gamers were shooting their love everywhere, but then, the st...

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