Game Developers Able to Improve Quality with New WeTest Global Platform

WeTest Global, a subscription-based software providing developers with an all-in-one testing platform solution was announced today. Now available globally through its online portal, WeTest Global covers functionality testing, compatibility testing, automated testing, performance testing and monitoring, security testing, real devices and more.

WeTest Global’s one-stop quality platform has been customized for test scenarios with both mobile and PC games. This global release allows companies to publish games across channels, platforms, and regions, dedicated to delivering a flawless gaming experience for global audiences.

WeTest Global offers a full link service, quality service experience, end-to-end testing, and 18 testing dimensions including, but not limited to:

  • Functionality Testing – Supported by game testing experts, including all core and designated scenarios of the game, and outputting detailed test reports with test process data.
  • Compatibility Testing – Offering automated and manual expert testing, with more than 1,000 popular models worldwide which cover 70% of global users.
  • Performance Solution – Involving client and server performance testing; Delivering real-time continuous performance monitoring through R&D to Ops phase.

The platform is already in use by global blockbuster titles PUBG MOBILE and all of Supercell’s games.

By continuously reducing the crash rate to less than 2% in 2019, WeTest Global enables PUBG MOBILE to steadily keep a high-quality online performance. The compatibility testing of WeTest Global covers more than 90% of game users through its TOP 500 phone models. WeTest Global also contributes greatly to optimizing PUBG MOBILE’s client performance, which provides its global players an overall better game experience.

“For quite a long time, we were looking for an efficient solution that was built for testing games, easy to use and at the same time it would provide us with fast reliable results,” said Tibor Toth, Quality Assurance Lead at Supercell. “In WeTest Global, we found what we were looking for. We can run competitive performance tests on hundreds of devices and analyze results easily.”

From demo to launch, WeTest Global delivers a superlative quality management strategy, using proven methods and running multiple assessments. By integrating compatibility testing, remote device, performance testing, security testing and social listening ability, WeTest Global covers all necessary elements of quality assurance for games at all stages of development and operation.

Users can sign up for various services with a WeTest Global subscription – Automated testing will be offered starting at $4 per hour per device; the Compatibility service starts at $8 per device; and the Expert Functionality starts at $17 per hour. Visit WeTest Global for more information and to sign up for a free trial of automated standard compatibility testing.

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