Game Over, T1D! JDRF’s 10-Day Livestream Fundraiser Starts Tomorrow

Online livestream fundraisers are the telethons of the twenty-first century and JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, is kicking off a big one tomorrow to raise money and awareness for research and cures. Taking place August 7-16, Game Over, T1D will have dozens of people with type 1 diabetes connections streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook while fundraising toward a collective $50k goal.

Each participant will livestream activities of their choice including popular video games such as VALORANTFortnitePokémon, and Minecraft, original music and art, trivia and party games, coding, a competitive Mario Kart tournament, yoga, and type 1 diabetes Q&A — all broadcast live while streamers collect donations for JDRF through the online fundraising platform Tiltify. Visit to view hosted streams throughout the 10-day event, or for the full schedule and links to each fundraiser’s channel.

“The philanthropy landscape is evolving, especially with COVID-19 requiring us to rethink traditional in-person fundraising methods,” says Nicole Friedland, Executive Director of JDRF’s Northern California chapter. “A lot of the people participating in this online fundraiser are gamers, but Game Over, T1D is bigger than video games. It’s an opportunity to eliminate geographical barriers and unite the global type 1 diabetes community under a common goal: to fund research that eases the burden of the disease they live with every day.”

The August 7-16 Game Over, T1D event will be the third large-scale livestream fundraiser organized by JDRF Game2Give, a program started in 2019 to explore the video game industry’s massive fundraising potential. Various video game fundraising initiatives have raised over $1B for charity to date, with $200M of this originating from the Twitch livestream community. JDRF Game2Give has capitalized on this opportunity by raising more than $500k in its first year, with about 10 percent of that amount coming from charity streams.

“It’s been amazing to see JDRF’s livestream community grow over the past year,” says JDRF Game2Give Advisory Council Vice Chair Hans Ten Cate, a game industry veteran and father of a daughter with T1D. “Nearly every person involved in this fundraiser has a personal story to share about type 1 diabetes, which helps spread awareness as well as raise money for JDRF’s critical research. Our streamers’ energy, enthusiasm, and personal commitment is inspiring and I can’t wait to see what they achieve over the next ten days.”

People who want to view and support the Game Over, T1D charity streams and receive news about future events are invited to RSVP at People interested in doing charity streams for JDRF, either as part of an organized event or independently, can sign up at

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