GameClub today announced it will officially launch its “all-you-can-play” subscription service for the App Store and Google Play this fall. For a small monthly fee, players will have access to an exclusive collection of the very best premium mobile games, free of intrusive ads and in-app purchases, fully updated and optimized for modern iOS and Android devices. Unlike many other game subscription services, GameClub’s games are all downloadable and playable with or without an internet connection.

“Smartphones sparked an explosion of creativity in games, however much of that innovation has been snuffed out by titles that are free to download but often rely on manipulative practices and annoying monetization schemes,” said Dan Sherman, CEO and co-founder of GameClub. “Too many talented game creators have been driven away from mobile and GameClub believes players deserve better.”

GameClub’s content is curated by Eli Hodapp, the former Editor-in-Chief of, with input from the community. This is the only place where many of the all-time great mobile games can be found. In aggregate, the games in the GameClub library have been downloaded by over one hundred million players over the past decade. Instead of disappearing, these titles will be accessible to GameClub subscribers and free for users who have previously purchased them. Post-launch, GameClub will also begin releasing new and original premium games.

GameClub will launch globally this fall with at least 50 games and new titles will be added every week thereafter. Announced titles include Super Crate Box (Vlambeer), Legendary Wars (Liv Games), Minigore (Mountain Sheep), Space Miner (Venan Entertainment), Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (Tiger Style), Mage Gauntlet (Rocketcat Games), and many more. Mobile gamers who can’t wait to play these games can sign up for the GameClub Early Access program at to begin receiving pre-launch TestFlight betas and other news about GameClub’s global launch.

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