Gameforge Reveals Easter Updates for Swords of Legends Online and Metin2

Sword of Legends Online

Easter Springs to Sword of Legends Online with an Egg Hunt, the Bird Brawl, and Test your Might with the Tug-Of-War

You’ve braved through treacherous terrain and explored dangerous dungeons full of fearsome fiends — now, get ready for a new challenge, as Easter has sprung up across Shenzhou. Participate in new activities and minigames, which you can find more information about down below:

  • Easter Egg Hunt: With the arrival of spring, a rabbit spirit makes his arrival in Cloudrise, empty basket in tow, looking for his lost Easter Eggs — it’s up to you to lend him a hand, explore Cloudrise, then make your way through Changhe Mountain, Jaingdu, Chang’an, and Changfu Garden to see if you can find them all! As a reward, he will gift you some wonderful cosmetic items, as well as Easter-themed background wallpaper.
  • Bird Brawl Quest: Turn yourself into a lightning-fast bird to compete in the Bird Brawl quest. Talk to Constable Lao in Jiangdu to get started on this quest in a flash! You’ll reap some brilliant prizes such as recipes, titles, cosmetic items, and items for changing the weather in your hero’s home.
  • Tug-Of-War: Everyone loves a contest of strength, so step right up and test your might with the Tug-Of-War. Tang Xuanzong once hosted one of the biggest tug-of-war contests and from then on, Tug-Of-War has been a part of the Qingming Festival. Talk to Gui Xiaoer in Jiangdu, and pull with all of your might and reach 12 points, and you just might make off with some more amazing rewards.
  • New Costumes: But that’s not all Yolks, new season, new you! With spring in the air, it’s time for some new threads. Hop over to the shop and check out the delightfully super-soft Moon Bunny costume, or fancy yourself up with the Romantic costumes and enjoy a lovely stroll under the clouds.

The Easter Event will only be around until April 28th, 2022 so don’t miss out on all the great fun!

Metin 2

Retrieve Stolen Eggs, Crack Open Easter Metins, and Lollies are for Sale in the Metin2 Easter Event

Help! Monsters have made off with all of the Easter Bunny’s Easter Eggs, and it is up to you to hunt them down, retrieve those tasty treats and swap them for well-deserved rewards from the Big-Bun himself. That’s not all — defeating monsters will spawn Easter Metin Stones, so crack them open, and with any luck, you might find the valuable Magic Egg inside. This can be opened three times and contains treasures such as Enchant Item, Magic Pearls, or rare Blue Dragon Beans!

Throughout the month of April, you can also discover delicious new treats and a spiffy new outfit in the item shop! The Mighty Lolly and the Magic Lolly are made from secret recipes which grant the player +50% EXP, +30% physical damage, and additional, powerful combat effects. There are also some fancy new duds to help you make the most out of the newly added second equipment page! Slip into the impressive Maritime Uniform and matching Bicorne Hat to get some sea-worthy set stats! While you’re on a shopping spree, pick up the fantastical Moonlight Seahorse or Sunlight Seahorse mounts and ride off into battle! Equipping all three (Maritime Uniform, Bicorne Hat, and one Seahorse mount) takes advantage of a maximum set bonus (+5% strength against monsters, +150% EXP, +5% item drop rate).

The event drops end on April 25th at 11:59 PM CEST, while the event itself continues until April 26th, 2022, at 11:59 PM CEST.

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