Games Incubator Charity Campaign Helps Ukrainian Animal Shelter

Games Incubator, an Animal Shelter Simulator developer, continues its work on supporting shelters around the world. Together with the game’s community, it has been decided that a Ukrainian shelter located in Dnepropetrovsk city will be donated 2 000 dollars.

Games Incubator since December 2021 has been supporting animal shelters – it has asked its game’s community about which shelters should be financially aided. In the results, a total of 8 000 dollars have been donated by the developer to 4 shelters in different parts of the world.

Animals are often the forgotten victims of wars, but just like all the people, they need our help in this terrifying time. United Nations has estimated that since February 24th, 2022 almost 3,7 million Ukrainian have fled their homes leaving their pets all alone. Also, wild animals are exposed to the sound of shells and bombs leaving them terrified. Because of that, the community of Animal Shelter Simulator and Game Incubator has decided to support the Ukrainian shelter named “Friend” with a donation of $2,000 dollars. The whole Games Incubator team hopes this donation will help a shelter to continue its work in those horrible times of war.

Since the Russian aggression on Ukraine, many animals have been left without any help. That’s why Games Incubator has decided on sending a helping help to our four-legged friends in need.

Animal Shelter Simulator is a game putting a player in the shoes of the shelter’s owner. His objective is to ensure to fulfill the needs of the animals, but also care for the facility. Pay the bills, and employees’ salary, but also perform necessary repairs. It is available on PC via the Steam platform.

Games Incubator is willing to continue supporting the shelters. Other actions are currently being planned. Games Incubator is a subsidiary of PlayWay, one of the largest game publishers in Poland, and it is listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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