Games Talks Live is Coming to Newcastle, Liverpool, and Manchester next week

Don’t miss these exciting local games industry events across the North of England!

Games Talks Live, a premier event for professionals from the games industry and related sectors, is set to take place in three major cities across the North of England next week. The event brings together renowned experts, innovative developers, and publishers looking for their next signing for a day filled with insightful talks, engaging discussions, and exciting networking opportunities.

An Event to Look Forward To

Games Talks Live will kick off in Newcastle on Tuesday 13th June, followed by Liverpool on Wednesday 14th June, and conclude in Manchester on Thursday 15th June. Each city will host a full day of captivating presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that delve into various aspects of the gaming industry.

Organised by games industry veteran Colin Macdonald, Games Talks Live aims to provide a platform for professionals from the games industry and related sectors to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends shaping the gaming landscape. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry experts, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and discover the future of gaming.

“I’m excited to announce the Games Talks Live North events series,” said Colin Macdonald, director of Games Talks Live. “Our mission is to facilitate meaningful collaborations between local game developers and provide them with a platform to connect with publishers and other influential figures in the industry. By fostering these relationships, we hope to drive innovation and propel the gaming community forward.”

Impressive Lineup of Speakers

Games Talks Live has attracted a diverse lineup of industry professionals who will share their expertise and experiences with the attendees. Here are some of the confirmed in-person speakers:

  • “Robot Chef” by Foxdog Studios (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Garnett Lee, Scout/Producer, Raw Fury (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Paul Kilduff-Taylor, CEO, Mode 7 (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Gary McCartan, CEO, Pocket Sized Hands (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Lauren Hunter from Square Enix Collective (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Matthias Johan, AI Designer, People Can Fly (Newcastle)
  • Paschalis Gkortsilas, Head of Digital and Business Development, PQube (Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Chris Filip, International Business Development Fund Manager, UK Global Screen Fund (Newcastle)
  • Anna Mansi, Head of certification, British Film Institute (Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Adam Boyne, Director, BetaJester (Manchester)
  • Ryan Bousfield, Founder/Director, Wolf and Wood (Newcastle)
  • Rob Hewson, CEO/Creative Director, Huey Games (Manchester)
  • Ron Ashtiani, Exec Chairman and Co-Founder, Big Thursday Creative (Newcastle)
  • Bhavina Bharkhada, Head of Communications and Campaigns, UKIE (Manchester)
  • Mark Paul, Co-founder and COO, Fallen Planet (Liverpool)
  • Rich Snowdon, Head of Studio, Coatsink (Newcastle)
  • Iain Farrell, Programme Manager, Double Eleven (Newcastle)
  • Andreas Firnigl, Managing Director, Nosebleed Interactive (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Ally Low, Lowtek Games (Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Jordan Hastings, Studio Director, Astrodreamer (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Georgia Clarke, Lead Data Engineer, Speech Graphics
  • Marek Smagala, Liverpool Game Dev Network (Liverpool)
  • Melissa Cocker, Social Media and Community Coordinator, Hyper Luminal Games (Liverpool)
  • Jon Wetherall, Managing Director, CGA Simulation (Liverpool)
  • Derek Cowap, Executive Assistant, Radical Forge (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester)
  • Simran Whitham, Founder, Format (Manchester)

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

In addition to the captivating talks and panel discussions, Games Talks Live will offer networking opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential collaborators. The event aims to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for professionals and enthusiasts to forge valuable relationships within the gaming industry.

By attending Games Talks Live, participants will have the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with industry experts, exchange ideas with fellow developers, and potentially form partnerships that can lead to exciting new projects. Whether it’s connecting with publishers, sharing experiences with other professionals, or discovering fresh talent, the networking opportunities at Games Talks Live are invaluable for anyone looking to make their mark in the gaming industry.

Secure Your Tickets

Tickets for Games Talks Live are available for purchase on Eventbrite, offering fantastic value for an immersive day of gaming knowledge and networking. With a lineup of renowned speakers, insightful presentations, and ample opportunities for collaboration, attending Games Talks Live is a must for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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