GAMEVIL’s Mobile MMORPG Talion Begins Pre-Registration in Australia

Mobile games developer and publisher GAMEVIL announced today that its highly anticipated MMORPG Talion has begun pre-registration in Australia.

Talion first launched in Southeast Asia and Japan, enjoying considerable success at number three in the Thailand App Store’s “Top Grossing” list and reaching number one on the “Top Free Apps” list in Japan.

Following its strong performance in Asia, GAMEVIL is now preparing Talion for launch in western territories, starting with pre-registration in Australia.

With the launch planned for late January, GAMEVIL is working to tailor marketing, promotions, and localization to establish Talion’s presence within the Australian MMORPG market. GAMEVIL has also set up local servers to ensure an optimal network connection for its users.

Starting today, GAMEVIL is holding a pre-registration event to celebrate the Australian launch of Talion this month. Players who register now, will be given in-game currency and items as rewards. On the pre-registration page, users can find various trailers of the game and other assets including, gameplay footage and screenshots.

Talion is a 3D open-world MMORPG, featuring 20 vs. 20 large scale PvP battles and a robust character customization system that has up to 48 different customizable components, allowing players to create truly unique characters and adventures for themselves.

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