gamigo Celebrates 111,000 Trees to be Planted Thanks to Its Community

gamigo is thrilled to announce that its partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project has been hugely successful thanks to its many gaming communities. Players have been purchasing specially created charity packages over the past month. These are filled with in-game goodies and thanks to everyone’s generosity, enough funds have been raised to plant over 94,000 trees, with gamigo pitching in on their own to make the total number 111,111 trees. But why stop there?

“We’re incredibly proud to have such a dedicated community that went above and beyond for this charity event. That’s why we decided to pitch in ourselves and show our support of the important work the people at Eden Projects are doing and that, no matter how small, everyone can make a difference.”

“We’re happy to see the huge success of our cooperation with gamigo. With over 94K trees pledged we are grateful to the gaming community who took part in this project. Thanks to the gamigo players we can support reforestation efforts worldwide and help make earth a better place to live for every one of us tree by tree.”

Players were able to purchase packages for $1.99 with 2 trees planted, $9.99 with 10 trees planted, or $19.99 with 20 trees planted. Fans were inspired even further by gamigo creating leaderboards to show how many trees each community has funded and how many players have taken part. After weeks of fundraising, the gamigo community has helped to plant over 94,000 trees planted and gamigo tacked onto the total to see 111,111 trees take root. Gamigo congratulates all of the generous fans who took part in this vital effort for our earth!

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