GamingLyfe Network continued its Sunday night series with the GL Live exclusive show — “The King and The Nerd” on November 25th. KingMeach and TheNerd_Wife kicked off the two-hour episode with several news highlights. First, they shared the long anticipated (13 years to be exact) “Kingdom Hearts III” extended trailer (Captain Jack Sparrow, anyone?) which is due to catch major attention of gamers and Disney lovers everywhere upon its release in January 2019. Next, the announcement of a Tamagotchi that features the Pokémon Eevee. Production details have not been shared regarding U.S. distribution, however, Japan can expect this in user’s hands in the New Year … Later in the episode, the co-hosts recapped how Goku from Dragon Ball Z made an appearance at the Macy’s Day Parade, played the live action Lion King movie trailer, and showcased how the Vegas Golden Knights are supporting research to fight cancer by also backing-up one of their very own staff members who was diagnosed.

As for audience engagement, KingMeach destroyed foes in “Soulcalibur VI” as he played online against several viewers with his own customized character. His record is now 3 and 0. We’re looking forward to seeing just how long he can maintain an undefeated title — and yet we can’t help but wonder who will be the one to take him down.

One of the most popular aspects of the show is the wonderful “Wheel of Sadistic Torture” which featured some brand-new acts for the hosts to endure. This week’s ridiculousness included KingMeach wearing a beehive wig, TheNerd_Wife sucking her thumb while crying “mama,” drinking hot sauce with Freddy LamChops, doing the “chubby bunny” challenge alongside the unnamed GL Assistant, and (the ultimate LMFAO moment for viewers) creating a sexy pose on the table. As far as we can tell, this wheel will keep on turning each week … Maybe viewers can submit some of their own suggestions in the future?

The featured community shoutout was MsBlueshines — most known and recognized for her Twitch streams playing Fortnite … Some new snippets were done in this episode as well, such as the Hashtag Game via Twitter (maybe look up #NerdPorn when no one is around), candid reactions to photos shown on screen (be it a gaming glitch or a meme), and choosing to Swipe Left or Right with characters from beloved games (Nathan Drake from Uncharted and D.Va from Overwatch had quite the response … for obvious reasons).

Go to to experience this episode in its entirety or to relive the hysterical highlights. Be sure to catch “The King and The Nerd” via every Sunday at 6:00 PM PST … Viewers can enjoy the latest news in the gaming community, honest debates about what’s trending, interviews with industry leaders, and — perhaps the most captivating attribute of the show — crude, improvised humor intermixed throughout.

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