GamingLyfe Network aired the second episode of “The Real Deal with Akil” on Tuesday, December 4th. Akil hosted the hour-long segment and astonishingly intermixed raps throughout. His fun, sing-song approach started the stream off with energy and enthusiasm, making for a smooth transition into the latest in video gaming news.

First up was the announcement regarding the 2018 Capcom Cup … which will be hosted in Las Vegas (the gaming capital of world!) on Friday, December 14th through Sunday, December 16th. The venue? The eSports Arena, of course! If you aren’t already aware, it’s located inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino. This is the ultimate showdown amongst the top 32 players in “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” … GamingLyfe Network will have coverage of this event with Persia and JackieTran (who are featured on GL Live each Thursday evening at 6:00 PM PST) as they are the go-to hosts for all things eSports.

As for Akil’s dragon hat from last week … it made an epic return this episode while he discussed “Overwatch” and its awesome character Hanzo. This led to a motivational speech about bringing out the power from within, just like Hanzo (who knew this game had such a message).

Regarding upcoming news for the GamingLyfe Network, fans should not miss the special episode airing on Sunday, December 23rd as the giveaway for a Nintendo Switch will be featured that night! Viewers can qualify by being a subscriber and/or use earned chips through watch-time minutes … One lucky winner will get their hands on one sweet gift.

As for Sony news, they just celebrated the 5th year of the PlayStation4 (woohoo). Sony shared an incredible video showcasing all of the achievements earned over the last several years by the gaming community. Additionally, the PlayStation Classic is now available for purchase … which includes 20 pre-installed games (including throwbacks like “Resident Evil” and “Twisted Metal”) as well as a virtual memory card. Sony continues to be “the best place to play” since its 1994 origination.

To wrap-up the episode, Akil played “Red Dead Redemption II” online with special guest — TigerLily. Even though there have been complaints on Reddit and Twitter about the online gameplay (especially the payouts being too low and being kicked out of servers), it is still the beta version. Rockstar has responded saying that they appreciate the feedback and will address the bugs … Hopefully issues will be resolved in the coming weeks.

Be sure to catch “The Real Deal with Akil” via on Tuesday night at 6:00 PM PST. Viewers can enjoy the latest in gaming news and interviews … and also go to to experience additional GamingLyfe Network content.

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