GL Live Gives A Whole New Meaning To Gaming News and Audience Engagement

GamingLyfe Network presented a brand-new episode on its Twitch-based stream of “GL Live” on Sunday, November 18th. The co-host matchup introduced “KingMeach” and “TheNerd_Wife” as the lead duo for the Vegas-based production called “The King and The Nerd” … Viewers can enjoy the latest news in the gaming community, honest debates about what’s trending, interviews with industry leaders, and — perhaps the most captivating attribute of the show — crude, improvised humor intermixed throughout.

The news segment first focused on commemorating the life of Stan Lee. Although the Marvel Comics founder passed away last week, his heroism as a creator and innovator will live on for generations to come … Despite the heavy start to the episode, KingMeach and TheNerd_Wife shifted gears with mentions of Fortnite “stream sniping” (Is it strategic? Is it cheating? It seems like gamers are at war on this one.) as well as a preview of the upcoming “Spyro Reignited” release (a triple-pack that looks to fulfill nostalgia and buyer demand). Regarding audience engagement, the co-hosts invited viewers to join them in a game of “QuipLash” through “” — a mobile-WiFi game that allows up to eight in a party. Each player is given a prompt with a fill-in-the-blank statement and must come up with the wittiest response to win the popular vote for points (Warning: most entries went adult-rated real-quick). Some of the most notable responses were “Man Ranch,” “Butt Cuts,” and “Being Naked In The Oval Office.” Shockingly, a participant by the name of “Moose” earned first place in both rounds.

This episode also introduced the “Wheel of Sadistic Torture” where KingMeach was the clear target of the viewers … thus causing him to not only wear red lipstick but also eat a raw onion like an apple (and get smacked in the face by a GL assistant on set). It was Jackass-like hilarity and the comment thread couldn’t get enough of it … so who knows what next week’s tortures will be!

To balance out the comedy, KingMeach and TheNerd_Wife, along with FreddyLamChops (a fellow GL contributor), interviewed Miss Ayalah — Twitch streamer most recognized for her “Dead By Daylight” walkthroughs. She provided insights on her gaming habits and lifestyle, and how those opened up the door for her current, full-time job. Miss Ayalah’s best advice for streamers (both new and veteran) is to stick with a game or two, go live on time and on a consistent basis, and to do it for the right reasons since it’s all about the gaming community.

Go to to experience this episode in its entirety or to relive the hysterical highlights. Be sure to catch “The King and The Nerd” via every Sunday at 6:00 PM PST.

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