GamingLyfe Network continued its Sunday night series on December 2nd with the third episode of “The King and The Nerd” … KingMeach and The_NerdWife started things off with the latest in “Fortnite” news as parents are sending their children to rehab in order to enforce a healthier lifestyle. Some feel that the game is controlling their kids’ minds like no other game has before … Despite this, schools are seeing opportunities in after-class gaming leagues.

This led to the first interview of the episode with “Sliced Brad” — who, during his time in school, volunteered to be on the board for a gaming league and ultimately founded a varsity program! Sliced Brad admitted that he doesn’t tell any girls that he did that (SMH … he may be talking to the wrong women).

“Freddy LamChops” joined the King and the Nerd again in studio to discuss the latest in streaming news. Many gamers are stepping away from Twitch and taking a shot at “Mixer” — another streaming service which provides the “Faster Than Light” feature so there’s no delay in streams or comments. “Celfie” also joined the conversation via webcam to provide his perspective on the topic since he utilizes both platforms. He believes that it’s a great opportunity for smaller, aspiring streamers to get noticed. Twitch can be so oversaturated, especially with those top-tier games, which makes it difficult for new faces to stand out.

KingMeach faced The_NerdWife in a round of “Mario Kart” on Nintendo Switch which resulted in the King’s victory (making his record 4 and 0) … The Wheel of Sadistic Torture returned (because why wouldn’t it). The highlight moment was when KingMeach had a cream pie smashed into his face (viewers lit up the comments on that one — think about it) … Two Truths and a Lie had us in awe when Freddy revealed he was born on an airplane and the Nerd was a professional pudding wrestler.

As for additional gaming news —“The Witcher” Netflix series confirmed that the writer of the books will be on site during production … Loot Boxes are being compared to gambling as gamers are not guaranteed what they’re receiving upon providing payment … The Game Awards will be on Thursday, December 6th with categories such as best narrative, score, voice, eSports game, fighting game, multiplayer game, and etcetera.

The entire GL Live cast will host a Holiday Episode on Sunday, December 23rd which includes the Nintendo Switch giveaway. To qualify, be sure you are subscribed to GamingLyfe Network.

Go to to experience this episode in its entirety or to relive the hysterical highlights. Be sure to catch “The King and The Nerd” via every Sunday at 6:00 PM PST … Viewers will hear the latest in gaming news, discussions about what’s trending, interviews with industry leaders, and adult humor intermixed throughout.

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