Gardenscapes Game Review: the Plot, Graphics, and Gameplay

Gardenscapes is a very popular mobile game that has finally been released for PCs. A simple plot and addictive gameplay could captivate you for long hours.

Why are so many people fond of Gardenscapes? How did the mobile game manage to become one of the most popular FastDownload laptop games? Let’s find out.

  1. The Plot of the Game

The story of the main character begins with getting tired of everyday city life. He would like to escape from it to a quiet place. Suddenly, the main character receives a letter in which it is written that his rich uncle left him a huge mansion with a bunch of old things. Since the main character has long dreamed of a quiet place, it would be a strange decision not to go to this mansion.

Finally, he arrived at the same mansion where the butler Austin meets us. He says that our character was the only heir to his uncle, which is why we got the house. Now, this mansion needs a repair: it is necessary to equip the garden. Since our hero does not have enough money, Austin offers to sell all the antiques in the house to earn cash for restoration.

  1. The Gameplay

As already mentioned, we need to find a buyer who wants to purchase rare antiques from our house to renovate the garden. To earn them, we must sell old things in the house. Actually, this is the whole gameplay. As we move to any part of the house, we can find a lot of items and buyers who want to buy that rarity. We have to find it and sell it to the buyer. As a result, we must meet the deadline to pass the level. Keeping a client waiting for a long time can lead to a lack of patience. People’s patience is shown in their hearts. There are three of them for each customer. Accordingly, the fewer hearts a person has left, the less money you will receive.

  1. Graphics

Even though the graphics are a bit outdated, the fact that the game was made exclusively for mobile devices makes it quite pleasant. Although at the beginning it may seem that you have installed some kind of outdated stuff, then you become involved in the game and the picture becomes acceptable.

In the beginning, you will deal with a lifeless piece of land, however, then we will be able to decorate it, so hardly anyone would believe that this garden was once an ordinary wasteland with a broken fence.

In Conclusion

Gardenscapes turned out to be a very interesting and involving game. Perhaps, the gameplay does look unique, but it can capture the user with its simplicity. So, if you like such types of games, then go ahead: download the game and enjoy the process!

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