Gatewalkers will breach into our world during Gamescom!

Gatewalkers are the chosen few of their world that have the ability to pass through the Gate into other realms, where riches, valuable resources, and deadly perils await. Now, these brave souls are headed for Earth, entering our world in Cologne, where they will show off their abilities to a wide audience for the first time.

On August 20-22 the Polish booth (hall: 4.1, stand: B-071) in Gamescom business area will show off (and let you play) Gatewalkers – a survival RPG about adventurers traveling to different worlds. Its the first time the game is being shown to a wide audience and you will be able to test it on your own or in co-op because Gatewalkers like to travel in packs.

Gatewalkers is an isometric RPG in which you visit alien worlds, gather resources, fight dangerous critters and solve puzzles. These procedurally generated realms are filled with threats – from a toxic or barely breathable atmosphere, through extreme weather conditions to permanent darkness.

Gatewalkers 2

During the game, you act on orders from the Guild, that gives out new assignments and challenges to our heroes. Visiting various worlds will, however, also prove worthwhile for you: a richness of new crafting materials and mysterious ruins await, and things you will find there cannot be found anywhere else. In Gatewalkers you are what you wear, so if you decide to change from a robe into a set of armor between adventures, your skillset will change from mage to warrior in an instant. Flexibility is the key to survival.

No matter who you decide to play as A2 Softworks plans on testing your skills. Every attack, both yours and your enemies’ is a skillshot – dodging patterns that appear on the ground and carefully planning where should your abilities land is a huge factor in determining whether you will survive or not.


Gatewalkers will be available to a wide audience for the first time during one of the largest trade shows in our industry! We can’t wait to see you traverse our worlds and react to challenges within them. We’ve prepared a gameplay demo that will let you check out two different realms. You will fight the Lord of Darkness, skulk in the dark, explore the Ancient Ones’ ruins and meet the Surians. The atmosphere can also prove a bit toxic, but you need to do all you can to please the Guild, don’t you?” – says Andrzej Stroiński, Game Director at A2 Softworks

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