GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote Recap

Avian, a 3D adventure game based on a strong musical experience won the 33rd Fan Favorite vote at GDWC 2021!

Royale Monkey, a team of students from France won the 33rd Fan Favorite weekly vote at the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC) with Avian, an exploration game that is in early access in

2nd Place: Access Code Zero: “Access Code Zero tells the story of a spy operation at the Quarantine Bay complex, captured by a group of separatists called HOMOGENES.”

3rd Place: Lifeslide: “Lifeslide is an atmospheric paper plane flight adventure through life where the player masters a unique flight mechanic they travel through an ever-changing landscape.”

This week GDWC celebrates the Virtual Reality Awards done in collaboration with VRKiwi. A set of nine outstanding VR Games are up to a vote with the winner continuing to finals. The vote is open at

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite VR week Nominees are:

  • A Township Tale by Alta (Australia)
  • Buccaneers! by Skyward Digital (United Kingdom)
  • I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar by Schell Games (USA)
  • Iron Guard VR by Xlab Digital (USA)
  • Orkana Conflict VR by Adem Kaya (Germany)
  • Soulace by Sander Bos (Netherlands)
  • Squingle by Ben Outram (United Kingdom)
  • The Guy VR by Chubby Pixel (Italy)
  • Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures by Stardust Collective (United Kingdom)
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