Gear Gauntlet Gets Rolling on Xbox One

Posted by Jay Adeloye, CEO/Lead Developer at Drop Dead Interactive on Xbox Wire

The road for our development has been a long and heavy one, but as with all great stories, our cogs seem to have fallen into place for Gear Gauntlet.

It started life as a silly idea that I had during the end of my university degree. I was highly addicted to Guitar Hero, and wanted to put my four years of study to some good use with a game that utilized the Xbox controller. I really wanted to be able to create something that reflected my experience growing up with now-classic games – not having a memory card to save my game progress, having to play a level until completion – all in the name of having fun.

I believe that Gear Gauntlet is a special game. It is pretty modern-looking with its beautifully hand-drawn artwork, and it has an amazing rock-inspired backing track. And for this day and age of competitive games, there’s enough leaderboard action to keep any gamer busy – but it still gives off a sense of nostalgia for the classic gaming era.

In Gear Gauntlet, you control a gear that is racing ever forward. There are multiple paths that you can choose to take, but be careful: Some are harder than others. As you navigate your way through the gauntlet, you need to clear a path by selecting the corresponding color on the screen, using the face buttons on the Xbox One controller. Dodging saws that kill on impact, ensuring that you don’t stall too long (as the screen is forever chasing you), looking ahead while focusing on what’s happening in front of you – these are the skills that you will need to triumph and survive in Gear Gauntlet.

Toward the end of Gear Gauntlet’s development, it was the support and encouragement of my family, my buddy (and fellow developer) Charles Humphrey, and Gear Gauntlet’s fans that made the difference. And of course, ID@Xbox made this dream a possibility in the first place, and the wonderful folks at Microsoft were there to guide me and offer advice every step of the way.

And now, it’s ready: You can play Gear Gauntlet on Xbox One today!

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