Gear Up, G-LYFE Nation! Pre-orders for Dreams and Machines Roll Out September

Epic New Additions to Dreams and Machines RPG Universe

Hold onto your joysticks! Modiphius Entertainment is leveling up their Dreams and Machines RPG game. Hot on the heels of the Starter Set’s release, gear up for the Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, GM’s Toolkit, Dice Set, and Collector’s Slipcase. All these dope add-ons hit the pre-order stage on September 7, 2023.

Rebuild a World in Chaos: The Core Lineup

Dreams and Machines ain’t your grandma’s RPG. We’re talking a post-apocalyptic universe where humankind is squaring off against beastly machines. Navigate the sci-fi fantasy world of Evera Prime, get chummy with its unique history, inhabitants, and high-tech shenanigans.

Player’s Guide: Choose Your Faction, Shape Your Future

  • Page Count: 208 pages of core rules, character creation, and world history
  • Spirit System: New 2d20 system where Spirit becomes a currency for character perks
  • Character Choices: 5 origins, 9 archetypes, and 3 advanced archetypes
  • Growth Mechanism: Define your short and long-term goals, and unlock advanced archetypes

Gamemaster’s Guide: Rule the World of Evera Prime

  • Art and Worldbuilding: 240 pages loaded with full-color art and world lore
  • Mechanics and Advice: Skill Tests, Truths, Threats, Hazards, and how to manage Spirit Economy
  • Challenges Await: Nanograms, Civilian, Industrial, and Military Wakers, plus dangerous flora and fauna
  • Starting Adventure: “Secrets in Los Rios,” playable standalone or as a campaign continuation

Gamemaster’s Toolkit: The GM’s Swiss Army Knife

  • GM Screen: Four-panel screen with action-packed artwork and quick rules reference
  • World Exploration: Hexcrawl, encounter rules, and various terrains for outdoor adventures
  • Tables and Charts: Plan adventures and campaigns, or cook up encounters on the fly

Dice Set: The Spirit Rolls With You

  • Dice Count: Set of 5 twenty-sided dice
  • Design Notes: Spirit symbol replaces the ‘1’ and numbers in Kari’s handwriting

Collector’s Slipcase: The Ultimate Loot Box

  • Artwork: Collector’s edition cover art featuring Kari and Abe
  • Hardback Guides: Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide in hardback
  • Poster Map: A map of New Mossgrove and the surrounding area

Modiphius Entertainment knows how to keep the hype alive. Whether you’re a player or a GM, these upcoming releases for Dreams and Machines got something for everyone. Mark your calendars and set your reminders, G-LYFE Nation, because pre-orders go live on September 7, 2023. Don’t miss out!

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