Gears 5 Technical Tests Launch July 19th

It’s finally happening Gears Fans … as Microsoft will host two versus multiplayer technical tests sessions for Gears 5 later this month!

As Microsoft promised at E3 2019, a technical test for Gears 5 multiplayer will take place, and there are going to be two sessions available.

Included in these tests are the modes “Escalation” along with “Arcade” and “King of the Hill”. You can also expect “Bootcamp” — which works a tutorial on the mechanics and a way to familiarize yourself with the game.

If this is your first time playing Gears of War, Escalation is a multiplayer mode where a team must score 250 points to win a round. Each player is given five lives each round with an additional live added each round and five more added at half-time. If a team loses all of their lives, they lose that round. After a round is complete, both teams are able to add a weapon to the map, upgrade weapons, activate a new loadout option, or disable an enemy weapon for three rounds by using picks. Respawn times are set at sixteen seconds on the first round and decrease by a second every round until half-time.

Arcade is a returning feature that was introduced in Gears of War 3. During this game mode, players have infinite lives and upon death, have a 24-second timer until they are allowed to respawn. Players are not allowed to carry-over weapons into the next chapter, and they end up with their default loadout. Mutators can also be added to spice-up the gameplay … some adding health when you damage the Locust while some allowing the player to instantly kill their enemies with a simple punch.

Lastly is King of the Hill. Similar to Annex, where the objective of this mode is to get the appointed score faster than the opposing team. If you have the score you need, you win a round. The team with the most rounds won, well, wins.

The test will also feature a short “Tour of Duty,” which is a series of challenges for players to earn content. When you complete all of the challenges, an exclusive “Tech Test Banner” will be unlocked.

You can also unlock three “Versus Weapon Skins” by completing some additional challenges. A closer look at “Escalation” will be shown during the E-LEAGUE Invitational next weekend, and more on “Arcade” will be provided next week as well.

Included with your “Xbox Game Pass” membership or as part of your Gears 5 pre-order, the Tech Test will be available to download starting July 17th. Online play will kick-off July 19th at 10:00 AM PT, 1:00 PM ET, 6:00 PM UK and will run through July 21st.

The test will become active again on July 26th at the same time, and run through July 29th.

You can participate in the test on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, you will see the Tech Test available to download in your library. Online multiplayer will require Xbox Live Gold on console to play.

Who is ready for this? Are you excited for these announcements? Stay tuned to GamingLyfe for more upcoming news!

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