Global esports organization and industry leader Gen.G and NETGEAR®, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTGR), the leading provider of networking products for online game play, the smart home, and small business environments, today announced, on the heels of the Nighthawk Pro Gaming launch in China earlier this month, an expansion of the current sponsorship to now include the entire roster of Gen.G leading esports teams around the world. This partnership builds upon NETGEAR’s earlier sponsorship with Gen.G-owned Overwatch League (OWL) team Seoul Dynasty to include all Gen.G teams competing in League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Heroes of the Storm, Clash Royale and more.

Gen.G is at the forefront of legitimizing the esports space and is strategically positioned to establish professional gaming teams on a global scale. Gen.G is one of the first esports teams to utilize a city-based structure that supports engagement and a deeper connection to local fan bases around the world. Gen.G rapid expansion largely follows the explosive growth of esports in general.According to market research firms, esports has climbed from a $120 million industry in 2012 to nearly $1 billion today and is expected to grow to $1.6 billion by 2021. Esports viewership has also greatly expanded. Opening day for The Overwatch League secured nearly 450,000 concurrent viewers, which is largely in line with many traditional professional sports contests, such as the National Hockey League.

“Gen.G teams and players are among the most competitive, talented and professional in the esports industry,” said Kevin Chou, CEO and co-founder of Gen.G. “Expanding our sponsorship with NETGEAR opens all kinds of new opportunities for our organization. We plan to utilize NETGEAR’s high-performance gear to set the Gold Standard for premier esports competition, entertainment and fan engagement.”

NETGEAR has partnered with Gen.G in order to demonstrate the company’s ongoing support of esports and the gaming community at large. The collaboration will outfit all Gen.G teams with high-performance match-quality networking hardware and dialed-in software to ensure Gen.G players are not limited by lag as a result of the inadequacies of a network connection.


NETGEAR is fully vested in providing an arsenal of tools to address the unique needs of gamers during online game play. Introduced earlier this year, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming category of products has been designed to provide gamers, from the casual to the advanced to the professional, with a combination of software and hardware needed to keep an edge in competitive online gaming environment where milliseconds can determine victory or defeat.

“NETGEAR is thrilled to continue our partnership with Gen.G and to now include the entire roster of premier teams. This is the ideal alliance for Nighthawk Pro Gaming to align with the community that will benefit most from the high-performance hardware and game-specific software which enhance the online game-play experience,” said Heidi Cormack, senior vice president of global marketing for NETGEAR. “Gen.G’s passion and dedication to building a successful global esports organization makes them an ideal partner to engage the gaming community.”

The sponsorship will include Gen.G’s current and future roster of premier teams, pairing professional tournament-grade networking equipment, Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router (XR500) and the Nighthawk Pro Gaming SX10 10G/Multi-Gig LAN Switch (GS810EMX), with the fingertips of dominant players competing in the top leagues around the world, including the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), AfreecaTV PUBG League (APL), The Overwatch League (OWL) and more.

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