Gen.G is Redefining the Business of Esports, Unveiling a New, Industry-Leading Seoul HQ

Global esports organization Gen.G, today, unveiled a new industry-leading esports facility in Seoul, Korea. This will be the staging ground for its growing number of teams and management personnel to prepare to compete at the highest level in global esports competitions and take the organization to the next level.

The seven-story building, located in Gangnam, Seoul, is a custom fit esports facility. Each team has a dedicated training room featuring the highest spec gaming equipment, which is where players and coaches will train together, analyze performances, and develop strategy. Each room is named after classic gaming characters chosen by the players and coaching staff, such as Super Mario, Bubble Bubble, and Pac Man. Two additional boot camp rooms will be utilized by visiting teams to train with the Gen.G teams while in Korea, having already been visited by rival teams like Team Liquid and Dignitas.

Transforming the traditional pro-team setup, whereby teams live and train together, Gen.G’s teams will live separately and commute each day to the facility to train together, providing them with a greater work life balance which is expected to enhance the team’s competitive performance. Additionally, Gen.G provides all its players and coaches access to sports psychologists and personal physical trainers to provide a complete wellness program. To see what a day in the life of a Gen.G player looks like, watch below:


“Our team culture is built on seeking out those players that want to be the best and are willing to put in the hard work to accomplish their goals, so it’s important we give them enough outlets outside of the grind to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. This creates a much more harmonious and professional atmosphere as teams are given the space and training they need to re-energize but also a first-class facility where they can focus on their craft and put in the work required to become world champions.” Said Arnold Hur, Chief Growth Officer, Gen.G Esports.

In-between their intensive training sessions, the teams have access to multiple recreational areas. A penthouse lounge area with a trophy cabinet display, and a PC cafe style gaming setup for players and staff to interact. A large cafeteria provides healthy meals throughout the day, and livestreams esports on multiple screens. There is a large player’s lounge which features a giant 3×3 meter cinema screen and seating area, recreational activities such as table tennis and darts, and a relaxation room with therapeutic massage chairs.

In addition, with the growth of livestreaming within the gaming industry, the new facility features five dedicated livestreaming rooms, which feature the highest spec streaming equipment. One is an official Gen.G streaming room, and two other rooms have each been custom fit by Gen.G sponsors, including Razer. Future sponsorship opportunities will be available for the remaining two rooms. By having access to these professional live-streaming rooms, players can more easily explore streaming careers and build an alternate revenue stream for when their competitive career is over.

This facility is also the Korean base of operations for Gen.G’s business personnel to handle the strategic and tactical development of the organization and day-to-day operations.

“Seoul is the heart of esports, and we knew we had to develop a world-class, player-first facility here if we were going to credibly claim our spot as a truly global esports team. Our facility gives us an edge that few other esports teams have, and we are excited to leverage this as we continue to expand our presence around the world. Combined with our upcoming Los Angeles HQ, we feel we are the best equipped esports organization that can act as a bridge between Eastern and Western esports.” Said Arnold Hur, Chief Growth Officer, Gen.G Esports.

Gen.G’s pro teams include ‘Seoul Dynasty’ (Overwatch League), ‘Gen.G LoL’ (League of Legends), ‘Gen.G HotS’ (Heroes of the Storm), ‘Gen.G PUBG’ (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), ‘Gen.G Clash Royale’ based in China, the newly announced ‘Gen.G Fornite’ who are based in the US, and a ‘Gen.G Overwatch Contenders’ team.

With facilities located in Seoul, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Shanghai, seven highly competitive teams representing Gen.G in a variety of global esports competitions with five world titles collectively under their belt, and players representing Korea in the Overwatch World Cup winning team and the Asian Games silver medal winning team, Gen.G is setting a new gold standard in esports that is helping to redefine the future of the industry.

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