Watching competitive CS:GO has made us immune to weird roster changes and last-minute player swaps but the truth is that ever since Gen.G entered Counter Strike-Strike, everyone has been curious to find out how they would do at an offline event and more specifically if they would be able to replicate some of their online success on-stage.

There was another big question surrounding the community and it had to do with communication. See, Gen.G’s current roster features Indonesian prodigy Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand alongside Canadian in-game leader Damian “Daps” Steele which is already kind of an odd mix. The roster is complete with three Americans, Timothy “autimatic” Ta, Kenneth “koosta” Suen and Sam “s0m” Oh.

Before DreamHack Anaheim, Gen.G was ranked 51st in the global rankings so not that impressive. One would think that an upset is a possibility and so that’s why one should always want to throw in a couple of bets on an underdog, but what only experts knew, was that Gen.G actually had a chance at winning the entire thing, and they did. What’s really important here is understanding the magnitude of this upset or rather, series of upsets. To do so, we first have to go over a few of the teams at this event.

From Brazil, which has always been a Counter-Strike powerhouse, we had FURIA and MIBR, two strong teams, one of them which used to be the best team in the world and has constantly dropped down in ranking. We’re of course talking about MIBR which features legendary players such as Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, Fernando “Fer” Alvarenga and Epitacio “TACO” de Melo. Looking at these teams, one would expect the veteran MIBR to strike hard at the opposition but they didn’t even make playoffs. MIBR went 1-2 in the group, allowing both Gen.G and Complexity to move forward. On the other hand, FURIA was able to place first and make it all the way to the grand finals where they finally lost 2-0 against Gen.G.


ENCE was a surprise too. Not only is ENCE a really strong European team, but they’ve also never really fallen this hard since they started winning again and the point at which we see them at Anaheim, placing last in their group. ENCE was the only team in their group that wasn’t able to win a single match. We’re talking about a team that is currently ranked 17th in the world allowing spookier teams to move past them.

Going back to Gen.G, they didn’t lose a single game in the entire tournament, not in groups and not during the playoffs so we can, of course, say that they were successful in representing their organization and fans well at their first offline event. And the fact that this tournament was full of upsets isn’t to say that it was a wacky event. To the contrary, many professional Counter-Strike bettors were actually quite interested in how the event would turn out and instead of writing it off as a wash or committing to an upset happening, they did the smart thing, which was place smart wagers and great prices in case something happened because there was certainly a chance something would… and something did!

Gen.G had an amazing run at Anaheim, taking home $50,000 USD and a ticket to the DreamHack Masters event in Jonkoping, Sweden which will be taking place between June 9th and June 14th featuring a $250,000 prize pool and 16 teams from which only two are known yet, the other being BIG who recently won the DreamHack Open event in Leipzig. Make sure to tune in to the next Counter-Strike competitions because we have a ton coming up and 2020 has already proven to be an interesting year in CS:GO esports. Also, make sure to check out what the best odds and picks are before placing your bets. If there’s something we learned from DreamHack Anaheim is that the more you read from expert bettors and interact with them on social media and discord, the bigger the chance you will get a notion of what is going on in the community, unless of course you’re a pro yourself and you already know that!

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