Genetic Disasters Review

It’s rare that I’ll admire a minimalist game. When I say minimalist, I don’t mean cheap graphics either. Sometimes a game that just focuses on gameplay comes along and it’s ok. While Genetic Disaster has little story, it’s actually a fun game that deserves a look.

Genetic Disaster is a co-op procedural action game in the same vein of games like Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon. You pick between one of four characters with special abilities and you face multiple enemies until you die. Each character has a special ability such as generating a shield or using a powerful attack. I wish the game had more of a story to it, yet the game doesn’t present you with much right now. I’m not sure why I am fighting these robots, I am not sure why these strange creatures I can play as work together.

Once you start a session, you get one gun at the beginning of a session then you just go room to room and fight. One of the newest updates adds arena rooms which will spawn multiple waves of enemies, survive and you get a treasure chest. Some rooms have health packs, new weapons or gold. Gold you can use to spend on upgrades after every elevator to the next level.


Playing the game with someone seems to be a lot better than playing solo. While the characters have no backstories yet they all work well together. I had a friend join me in online play and the connection was flawless, no lag. Local co-op was also a reasonable option, my wife and I got to about floor 9. The challenge of the game is balanced around how many players you have with you as well as how many floors you’ve gone down. While this may be an unpopular opinion I am glad that the challenge remained constant. Maybe I haven’t found into an awesome upgrade yet before I begin a floor, maybe I haven’t found that overpowered gun yet. Yet it’s nice to see that this game doesn’t have a build that makes the game extremely easy.

Hopefully, any negatives I have with this game will be improved. I would love to see more life brought into the characters, voice lines or even just the backstories would help me love these characters. It seems they have already worked on improving the feel of the guns, yet I think the enemies need to feel a bit more threatening to. It’s not a good sign when I don’t care about the enemies of a game at all. While a missing story didn’t bug me, it does make it harder to remember the game later down the line.

Genetic disaster has the foundations to be a great experience both for solo players and co-op, it just needs a bit of spit and polish to make it shine. Hopefully this game will become top notch, not a disaster.

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