Get Ready to Trick or Treat with Elsword This Halloween

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is getting spooky with it’s Halloween Event where players can enjoy Trick or Treating around Elrios while exterminating Ghosts that have arisen all around.

Login during the Halloween Event and fill up your Pumpkin Basket with candy by completing Halloween activities all around Elrios – whether it’s going Trick or Treating at other players’ El Houses, hunting restless Halloween Ghosts and more. Complete your activities and be rewarded with exclusive Halloween Treats like the Pumpkin Flavored Candy and Halloween Orbs.

As an extra treat, for each Pumpkin Basket filled completely with candy, players will be rewarded with 5 DIY El House (Halloween) that can provide Furniture for your El House including exclusive Halloween-themed Furniture. Whether you fancy a Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern or spook visitors with a Halloween Ghost Friend. Players can use these exclusive pieces to craft Haunted Houses of their nightmares.

If you didn’t acquire the Spooky Design you’re after, each DIY El House (Halloween) will come with a Halloween Pumpkin and acquiring 10 Pumpkins will allow players to exchange for any Halloween Furniture you want. This means that there’s no worries over whether your nightmare experience will become a reality.

Furthermore, Players that fill multiple Baskets will receive even more rewards to boost their fighting power this Halloween with rewards such as Fighter’s Potion, Phoru’s Foot Stamp (Gold) and even more DIY El House (Halloween) for even more Halloween Furnishings.

Dress up your El House in the Halloween Spirit with 3 or more exclusive Halloween-themed Furniture and receive a special Halloween Event Season Buff that can buff your movement around towns, recover your stamina and increase your pet’s affinity. This is the perfect buff for hunting more ghosts during this Halloween season.

And that’s not everything the Halloween Event has to offer. While the Halloween Magic begins today on October 21st and lingers until November 3rd, there will be a special event on October 31st where simply logging in will give you 5 DIY El House (Halloween). So for all you Ghost Hunters and Trick or Treaters, there’s no better time to be prepared and login to Elsword.

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